Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not feeling like a hot mama? Then head to your local Safeway.

Today I'm feeling less than sexy, totally not cute and kind of down on myself, mentally and physically. I'm sure part of it is not working out for three days in a row since I've been sick, and part of it is knowing I've gained at least five pounds. I can feel it in my jeans. Plus my nose is red and raw from the cold, I'm having a bad hair day, and I hate this stupid green top I'm wearing that looks like a maternity shirt (stupid St. Patrick's Day attire).

I didn't even pack a lunch this morning. I seriously can't remember the last time I didn't bring my lunch or have plans to eat out. I headed to Safeway at lunch to get some fresh fruit, Pacific Curried Red Lentil soup, a crown of broccoli and some turkey.

The guys at Safeway made my day. First the guy in the produce section, helping me pick out the perfect container of strawberries, making small talk about the weather. He was young but sweet and attentive.

Then there was the Safeway guy just walking through the store, asking me if I needed help. I told him I forgot what I was looking for, but I'd remember in a second. He stood there and waited...then I remembered...the soup. As he escorted me to the soup aisle, he commented on my green top and how he couldn't pinch me. When I found my soup he said that was his favorite too.

Then there was the guy stacking the bags of tortillas and the guy helping him, they teased me that darn, she's wearing the green. One of them said, well, we'll catch you on our holiday, Cino de Mayo. Then he winked at me!

I know they're just doing their job and that Safeway pays them to flirt with the ladies so the ladies will shop there and buy more stuff. On the other hand, it was fun. They made me smile and laugh. Plus the sun is out today, plus, I'm going to knock off whatever weight I've gained in no time flat. Nothing like a little guy attention to get a girl motivated again.


Ida said...

Very best motivation I know of. ;)

antgirl said...

It's always nice. I love when some young dude is tripping over himself trying to help me. Whether he's paid for it or not, it makes my day.

MizFit said...

manymany days thats all it takes for me. even when I know they are just being kind because I look like a crazy harried mama :)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

awww...I love those kinda guys...that's so sweet!