Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The physical

It's official, I'm healthy as a horse! I had my physical today and for the first time in years I didn't get the "you need to lose weight" speech. 

Plus, my doctor took me off my blood pressure medication. I'd sort of stopped taking it anyway. I'd take it sometimes, if I remembered. Most of the time I forgot about it. I know that wasn't very smart, but I knew my blood pressure was fine. I own a blood pressure machine and actually would take my own blood pressure a couple times a month. Now I have the good doctor's blessing to stop the medication.

The medication was a mild dieuretic, in the lowest dosage possible. I didn't take it this morning and my blood pressure was 116/62 this afternoon-- which is awesome! When I weighed 240 it was 180/110, which is ridiculously dangerous. Scary dangerous. I didn't exercise then either, not at all, except moving my hand to my mouth. Now I work out a minimum of six hours a week, usually more.
I swear I will NEVER go back to that weight or that lifestyle again. It's like night and day between how I felt then and how I feel now, and now is so much better!


MizFit said...

how much are you DANCING?!
for some reason to me there is nothing more motivating and RELIEF INDUCING than a clean bill of health!!


Lia said...

YAY! I agree with the above post, especially if you've had negative outcomes in the past. This is like "yah, you really are loving yourself, here's the scientific Dr. signed proof."

My reader seems to have no longer have you under my subscriptions, I have NO idea why, so I just caught up on all your posts just now, and wanted to say how cool it must have been to go snowshoing in the blizzard, though tough. It's one of those tastes of life things I guess. Pushing your tolerance of discomfort. I hope you do it again in more enjoyable circumstances.

ALSO! I think your new job opportunity is SO cool! It is a huge compliment too to get to manage people and travel around. In reference to what you said about if you had received this opportunity a year ago: It is somewhat reflective of your progress in that you have achieved a level of internal stability and "self-ability" that you now can bring it out and build on it with those you will be working with and the projects you will be managing. Did that make sense? It did in my mind. Well good job! You'll continue to draw the good circumstances of life toward you!

Ron said...

Congrats on the physical results!! That is awesome.

Beanie said...

Congrats babe, that is fantastic!!! Awesome :)

bbubblyb said...

Way to go on the great bill of health!!!

antgirl said...

Excellent news!

Isn't it funny how much bad health we can avoid with something as simple as practicing a healthier lifestyle? It rather amazes me sometimes. But, that's definitely the biggest benefit to sticking with all of this.