Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's not to love about lasagna?

I feel much better this morning! Woohoo!

I'm already up and ready to hit the shower and my day and my life. I'm even packing my gym bag and hoping I'll be able to get in a workout after work. At the very least, I can do the elliptical. I still have sniffles, but I don't feel too bad.

Work is going to be stressful today. Plus, I tried to remote into my work computer at 5am to finish up a couple things and it says my computer can't be found. I hate it when that happens. It usually means it froze on me during the night and is going to need a hard reboot when I get in. I hope I saved everything before I fell into bed at midnight. Piece of crap computer.

Back to my healthy eating today. I haven't counted Points or been doing the Healthy Eight for three days. I had a real meal last night of marinated salmon and roasted Brussels Sprouts with olive oil.

Unfortunately, my husband made lasagna last night. So I had a serving for dessert after my healthy meal. I'm like Garfield when it comes to lasagna, it's one of my big downfalls. The cheese, the white pasta, the beef (he didn't even use turkey!). I know, it's disgusting. Shame on me. I was weak and couldn't say no. At least I got it out of my system.

Back to my life.
Update: Holy crap! I'm sitting here in my size 10 jeans that were loose two weeks ago and I have a muffin top! And the jeans feel tight and I feel fat! OMG! I'm only freaking out a little...okay...a lot! WTF have I done? True, I haven't stepped on the scale for a week, but I was only up two pounds then. I haven't been counting Points or going to my Weight Watcher meetings. What the hell have I done?!. Okay, breathe deeply. I know at this weight even five pounds is a huge amount of weight to gain. I'm going to check out the next meeting and go, even if it's tonight.


Amy said...

Love lasagna!!!! Glad you're feeling better.

antgirl said...

Me too!! Lasagna is one of my top favorite foods. Always has been. :) Glad you're feeling better.

bbubblyb said...

I try to limit making lasagna just once a year, I'm so garfield too about it lol. Good luck with WW hope it isn't as bad as you fear.