Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Confessions of the scale obsessed

Yesterday's post was me posting under the influence of my happy syrup (codeine cough medicine). If I'm really honest about my weight, I want to get to goal. I want to see that 135 number in my Weight Watcher weigh-in book. I want it so much that I can hardly stand it. I wish I wasn't so obsessed by that number, but I guess it is what it is.

I can't change how I feel. I read a lot of blogs yesterday about people not being obsessed by the scale. That they weren't going to weigh themselves anymore. It sounded like a good idea. Then I woke up this morning and thought what the hell was that about? I've weighed every day of my entire adult life. I'm not going to stop now, even if it does sounds like a good idea. Who was I kidding? 

So as much as I want to be like "them", the people that are free of the scale, I can't do it. I'm obsessed by the scale, whether I like it or not and I have no intention of changing.

Great workout - 1 1/2 hours and now I'm going to be late to work!

All is good.


antgirl said...

We all have to be who we are. :) There is nothing wrong with being you and incorporating that into your lifestyle. We're all different and that's what makes this community so useful and fascinating. When I get stuck, there's a plethora of ideas and tactics to try that I wouldn't have thought of.

Ida said...

It's ok to weigh every day. Some say that people who weigh daily are more likely to stay on their "diet" (a word I do not like to use) than those who only weigh weekly or only occasionally. So, all is good......

MizFit said...

you know what I think ( but it also took me a while to get here.

be kind to yourself and set minigoals perhaps to wean from the scale?

OR set minigoals of PLANNING TO WEIGH specific days!

it may work for you---it just didnt for me.

xo xo,


Anonymous said...

Ive been reading your blog & you always seem so stress out. On ocasion, you also kinda put down others who have diferent when you call other people "them"...maybe its just the way you express probaly are really nice, but you seem kinda hostile sometimes.

Anonymous said...

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Ella Enchanted said...

Great post...I can definitely relate. I LOVE when people post anonymous smart ass comments, don't you!!! Have a wonderful weekend.