Sunday, April 26, 2009

I hate it...I love it...I hate it...I love it!

That's what I was chanting this afternoon during my first bike ride in four years. The trail was only eight miles long, I was sure it was eight miles one way, but that was round trip. I added a four-mile ride through my neighborhood, but the fear of cars put an end to that rather quickly.

The trail is incredibly hilly. The "I hate it!" chant was during the long, painful uphill rides, where the self-talk went like this..."Oh my God! I'm doing to freaking die on this damn hill!" I forgot to wear my heart rate monitor, but I'm sure it was well over 140. I felt like my heart was going to jump right out of my chest because it was pounding so hard.

It's a gorgeous day of sunshine here in the Pacific Northwest so everyone was out and about, walking, running or bike riding. I was too damn proud to get off my stupid bike and push it uphill like I saw a lot of people doing. I gave it all I had and was able to get up every single hill and these weren't sissy hills, these were real hills. Damn near mountains if you ask me.

The "I love it!" part was the downhill coasting. It's so fun to just sit on a bike and go flying downhill. I totally and completely loved it. I felt like I was 10 again, riding down the hill that was in front of our house in Alaska. I spent many summers going up and down the hill in front of our house, riding as fast as I could go. It brought back some really great memories of my childhood.

I felt a little reckless because I couldn't find my helmet. I was the only person that wasn't wearing one. I had a tiny fear I'd hit a rock or something and go flying through the air and land on my head and die of a smashed head. It didn't happen, and I made it home safely (obviously).

It was the most fun I've had while exercising in a while. It beats the gym all to pieces. I loved the sun on my skin, the wind on my face and the bugs in my teeth (okay, maybe not the bugs). I was wearing a tank top and bike shorts and was completely comfortable. The temperature is about 65 degrees so perfect for biking. My tank top was totally wet with sweat so I know I got a pretty good workout.

I went by myself which is a first. Usually my husband doesn't let me go on this trail alone, but he has the flu and I guess he figured I could probably out run or out bike most people, plus I think he's too sick to argue with me (he swears he has the Swine, I don't think so but that's a story for another post). The trail is well traveled by families so it seems really safe even if I'm by myself. Plus, I'm pretty fast on my bike.

The only bad thing about biking alone is that there's no one to take pictures of me. I took a few scenery pictures, so they're not very interesting. One thing that sort of freaked me out is that part of the trail goes under these huge electrical tower things. If I touch the metal on my bike I get a strong electric shock. I'm sure it's not very healthy. Probably causes cancer or something.

The electric bike ride - touch the metal on the bike under these wires and get a nice shock!
Going down, fun! Going up, torture.
The name of the trail is the B.P.A. Trail in Federal Way, WA. I have no idea what B.P.A. means, obviously it's an abbreviation for something.
My bike, on my way home and back up this hill from hell.
Another electrifying bike ride trail picture

Deal of the century
Best deal for workout tank tops - Walmart! Personally, I detest Walmart for many reasons. They built a new Super Walmart about three miles from our house about a year ago. I've been in it twice. Each time I swore I'd never set foot in that stupid store again. The people who shop there annoy me, the children that run rampant and cry and whine drive me crazy, and the checkers that work as slow as molasses in January drive me right over the edge. The lines are usually ridiculously long and they barely move. However, they have one thing I can't buy anywhere else. Blue Bunny no sugar added butter pecan ice cream. I love this stuff. So once about every six months I venture into Walmart. Every time I curse my stupidity and leave with my ice cream saying that's it. NEVER AGAIN!

Last night I decided to look around the store since usually I rush in, grab the ice cream and get out as fast as possible. I have found if I buy it in the electronics section (up to 15 items) I can usually escape without a mental breakdown. Last night I found the cutest workout tank tops for $5 each. They look just like the ones I buy for $20 at the sporting goods store, except they're cuter. They have cutout shoulders in back, that fit right over a workout bra perfectly. I love them, and only $5 each. I bought one in every color (so I don't have to go back for another six months).


Ida said...

Congrats on the bike ride. I sure wish I lived somewhere that had bike trails and such.

bbubblyb said...

Wow, what a great bike ride it sounds like. I'm sure you'll be doing it again soon. Glad you found some tops too for your agony at Walmart lol.

antgirl said...

Pretty ride. I'm usually with you on not going out alone ... must be my city paranoia. If a trail is well used with lots of people, then I'm OK. That's a deal! Yeah, I usually avoid Wal-Mart, too. Ours isn't lit right and it's kind of spooky ... LOL Maybe just my imagination.

MizFit said...

GREAT JOB on the ride and, as much as Id like to think my mantras are uber positive, totally a chant Id have going as well.

you did it!

Ron said...

Glad you enjoyed your bike ride, I got a ride in on my second attempt yesterday!

Fatinah said...

bike ride sounds fun - but please find your helmet!!