Friday, April 24, 2009

I've never been so happy about a Friday

I really need this weekend. I need to be away from work for at least a couple days. It's stressing me out big time.

Next week I have to start the traveling again. It makes me laugh now that I thought this was going to be fun, flying off to exotic locations like Oakland and Dallas and Miami. Seriously, all I see is the inside of the airport and the hotel that's the closest to the airport. Usually it's the crew hotel, so it's not the fanciest hotel, but clean, safe and comfortable (like a Marriott or a Doubletree). So far the hotels have all had gyms, but my 12-hour work day plus travel isn't really conducive to me working out. Last time I was on the road for four days and only got in two workouts. My plan for next week is to allow myself a little more down time. I'm really too old for 12 and 14 hour work days. Maybe in my twenties, but not in my fifties.

This weekend I have a bike ride planned. I can hardly wait. There's a trail that's near our house and is eight miles one-way (I think, but need to check it out on That would make for a 16-mile bike ride and there are some killer hills along the trail. I'm thrilled to get out of the gym for my workout.

The whole gym experience is starting to bore me. I went last night for an hour and half workout. I had a good workout, but I find myself doing the same exercises. The elliptical and treadmill, the same weight machines and the same free weight exercises.

I recently read that if you do an exercise for six weeks that your body becomes accustomed to it and you stop getting the results you were getting at the beginning. I know that's true because I don't feel like my muscles are responding like they did in the beginning (even with the 20-pound dumbells). I'm just maintaining my muscle tone, not building more muscle. Of course, I'm pretty sure if I'd drop this last twenty pounds, my muscles might pop out a little more.

Totally off topic---but I'm doing something different with my hair today. I'm letting it dry naturally, going in to work with my wavy, curly hair. Almost everyone telecommutes on Fridays so I don't have any meetings or presentations to do, so I'm just going to let my hair down today. I usually wear it this way on the weekends, so guess I'm getting in the weekend mode early. It's a jeans day too, woohoo! I love Fridays. Even my manager is taking the day off. The only person that will be at work today in my group is my best friend on the team. It's going to be a great day!


antgirl said...

Routines can get old no matter what they are. I can empathize with that. Wow! 20! You are so far ahead of me. I'm envious.

Sorry the job is stressing you so much. The bike ride should be great for getting you back to balance. Sounds like fun.

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Ida said...

Sounds like a relaxing day at work. Enjoy the bike ride this weekend. Isn't it wonderful that Spring has finally arrived!!

Graciela said...

Hope you enjoyed your bike ride. I think spring has finally come to the PNW! Yay!