Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ouch! That one hurt.

I had an interesting comment left today on my post "confessions of the scale obsessed". It was left by "anonymous". I just read it after a very long day at work (I just got home and it's 10pm). The comment made me cry, in fact, I'm still crying over it. Perhaps I'm too sensitive to let an anonymous comment get to me like it did, but it really hurt my feelings. Apparently anonymous doesn't like me very much.

The comment said 1.) that I seem stressed out all the time and 2.) that I put other people down if they have different opinions than me and refer to those people as "them" and 3.) that I seem "kinda" hostile.

True, I am a bit stressed out. My work is out of control right now. There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. That part didn't hurt. Although I think they were referring to my stress about my weight.

However, saying that I put people down cut me to the quick. I have honestly never meant to put anyone down. That's never been my intent. Usually I put myself down. When I said others aren't weighing themselves but that I couldn't do that, I really meant that I admire "them". I wish I wasn't obsessed by the scale,and that I could just not weigh myself and not be worried about it.

hostile: having an intimidating, antagonistic, or offensive nature

Hostile? Me? Wow, I didn't realize I appeared hostile. I certainly don't think of myself that way, and most people I work with and are friends with would never say that about me. At least I don't think they would. I'll have to ask around tomorrow if I appear "hostile". Maybe I just appear hostile on my blog, although I'm very puzzled by being called hostile.

I truly don't understand the point of leaving an anonymous comment that's so hurtful. I may appear to be a bitch to you, but I would never in a million years do that on someone's blog, regardless of what I thought of them. Really, what is the point? If you don't like someone it's really easy to just not read their blog.

Whoever you are, please know that you were just the icing on my cake of an absolutely shitty day. Hostile? Perhaps I am now. I wasn't feeling that way until I read your freaking comment. Oh, and I especially like the part that I put people down, that I seem hostile, and then you say "but you're probably a nice person". Yeah, right. I'm sure you really think that about me.


Lyn said...

The point of leaving an Anonymous comment aht is so hurtful, is to BE HURTFUL. It isn't you, Diana. The comment is not about you. It is about them, their unhappiness with whatever is going on in THEIR life, so they want someone else to feel miserable and hurt with them.

I hope if you are still crying, you'll dry your tears and realize that these anonymous trollers just go 'round peeing in people's Cheerios for kicks. I get more "anonymous" comments like that than you can shake a stick at. And why? Am I evil? Bad? Hateful? Nah. They have issues. I just delete them and hope they have a better day tomorrow.

It's hard not to take attacks personally, but when they come from "anonymous," you can be sure it really is not about you at all.

Hugs. Feel better.

spunkysuzi said...

I've had a couple of comments that have made me upset and i seem to dwell on that for a while. But I don't find that you do any of the things that anonymous said. You just live in the real world and things change from day to day!! Keep up the great work on your blog :)

Graciela said...

People who post mean things anonymously are called "trolls." I've heard there is actually a game out there in cyberspace where people randomly go from blog to blog (through other people's links to your website) and just post stupid or nasty comments.

Don't let it bother you, especially if it comes from "anonymous." It's probably a troll.

Diana said...

Thanks you for your kind comments. They mean the world to me. I was thinking I'd just stop blogging and go away...I'm way too sensitive!

I read your comments and thought you're right. I'm really not hostile, and if I am sometimes, so what? It's my blog, right? I can be hostile if I want. :) I know I don't put people down. That's just not my thing (okay, anti-jared was an exception, but I took it all back).

So I say to hell with "anonymous". If they post a comment again, I'll just delete. I guess jerks are everywhere, even in our weight loss blog world they manage to creep in.

This person reminds me of whoever created the computer virus that has made my life hell at work for the last two weeks. They like to create havoc and mess with people's lives. What a pathetic existence. I pity them.

Thanks again! You guys made my day!

Ida said...

Please don't go away. There are those of us who love you and your blog. Just ignore the idiots that leave anonymous comments. They are just a bunch of doodie-heads anyway. ;)

Fatinah said...

I quite enjoy your blog. I don't find you any of those things. I'm sorry that person was mean, but if you're going to take any comments personally, take the ones from the readers who check in daily! We like what you have to say!

Ella Enchanted said...

As you know, I absolutely adore you & your blog & I think that some people are just miserable with themselves. Anonymous comments are for cowards who get pleasure out of seeing others' pain. Please stay here in blogland...I almost had a coronary the last time you left us! P.S. Great job on the bike ride, you are the bomb!!!