Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cat scratch fever

Stupid out-of-his-ever-lovin'-mind cat
His name is Walter. He's 17 years old. He's blind and deaf. Normally, he's a sweet, docile little cat that sleeps about 23 hours a day. This morning he attacked me. I was holding him, cuddling him, he was purring when he latched onto my forearm and wouldn't let go. I was screaming every curse word I know as I tried to unlock his vise grip jaw from my arm.

When my husband came running in to see what was wrong, I was sobbing and blood was flowing freely from the three puncture wounds on my arm. Thank God we just had one of his incisors pulled a few months ago during his $375 dental cleaning or he might have actually taken a chunk out of my arm. I washed my wound, bandaged it, and took Ibuprofen.

It's now six hours later and my forearm looks like it has a Cadbury egg underneath the skin. The pain is a burning and achy kind of pain, and actually, kind of excruciating. It's traveling up my my arm and now the entire arm hurts.

I know a little about cat bites from a bite I got several years ago from a stray. It's one of the worse bites you can get. When you see the red lines going up your arm towards your heart, get thee to an emergency room pronto. As the ER doctor told me a few years ago you can die from a cat bite. So far no red lines but it hurts like hell. I probably should just go to the walk-in clinic before they close, otherwise I'll probably be in the ER tonight. Been this route before.

I think Walter had a moment of kitty dementia. I think Walter's days may be numbered. I'm not accustomed to being bitten by my own cat in my own home. My husband, the big animal lover, even agreed it might be Walter's time. I guess it depends if he continues the crazed-cat-I-want-to- kill-you behavior.

On the weight loss front (this is a Weight Loss Journey blog, so I should probably say something about weight loss.

Up two pounds this morning to 158.4. Absolutely no exercise yesterday, not even the bike ride. Yesterday I had pancakes with warm raspberry sauce for breakfast (WW recipe, but still), a whole turkey sandwich for lunch (if I eat sandwiches, always just 1/2 sandwich), and Szechwan chicken stir fry for dinner. Too much food! Cutting back today and going to the gym, maybe after I leave the clinic with my antibiotics. Yes folks, I'm a machine.

Note: Well damn it Walter...I just Googled cat bite treatment and it says I MUST see a doctor for antibiotics or I can die from a viral infection that could very well set in from the bite. I know that's what happened last time (obviously I didn't die, but I did get a really bad infection that involved IV drip antibiotics). I'm also feeling kind of nauseous and like I have a fever. I just took my temp and it's 99.6. So I'm off to the walk-in clinic. Freakin' fun weekend here.


Q102Briand said...

SO sorry to hear about your cat bite :-( Please go get it checked out! Sorry I have been so bad about posting, I will get back in the groove. I have been bust with my normal (radio) job and now I am doing a lot more with the TV station so finding time is getting harder. I need to keep doing it though because it keeps me locked into a great groove with my weight loss. Again go get checked out and I hope you are ok :-)

big_mummy said...

oh god poor you!! hope you get that shit all sorted - that is not fun!
Poor kitty too, its a hard decision, but if his quality of life is compromised then it would be the right decision to make.

i bet the gain is just the food. xx

Ron said...

Hope you went to the clinic to get this taken care of.... on the weight loss thing.. I was up to 176 this morning..

Ida said...

Sure hate to hear about your cat bite. I never realized cat bites could be so bad. Makes me hope Maxine and Ivy never decide to useme as a snack.

You'll get back in the groove of losing again. Some days ya just gotta let up a little.

bbubblyb said...

Sorry to hear about your cat biting you. Yea, sounds like kitty is going senile. Hope you don't end up with an infection.

antgirl said...

Poor Walter and poor you! The scratches are painful enough. Hope it all turned out OK.

MizFit said...

never had a cat but the onset of dog dementia was not pretty around here.

hang in there---


Fatinah said...

Oh, my Word!! I hope you get better soon.... poor kitty....

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

DEFINATELY get in and get some antibiotics !I am really big on alternative medicine myself , but a cat bite is one of those great big danger things that MUST get looked at.