Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 1 - I don't remember it being this hard

It's almost 10 p.m. and thank God Day 1 is almost over of my 7-day "I'll actually give a damn and will give this 100% of my effort".

I'm so tired right now I can barely sit here and type this. Stupid, dumb, sucky hot yoga class. I thought maybe I didn't get enough torture on Sunday so I went to another 90-minute hot yoga class tonight.

Let me just say this one more time...I HATE IT! I HATE IT! I HATE IT! I'm never going back there, I'm done with it. I spent the last 30 minutes of class laying flat on my back with the Nazi at the door refusing to let anyone out. Plus, somehow I wound up next a space heater so I'm pretty sure where I was laying it was 150 degrees, not 105 degrees. I've never been so nauseous in my whole life. It was like being sea sick but I wasn't on a boat. I wish I would have just said to hell with it and walked out. What would they do, never let me come back?

I came home drenched in sweat again, shaking because I was so sick feeling, and horribly nauseous. Jack thinks I got heat stroke and he may be right. Whatever, I'm really done with it. They can keep their stinkin' $8 for the eight classes I'm not going to take.

I got on the scale this morning. Bad news. I weigh 159.2. Ugh! I was 151.4 two weeks ago, although I was weak and sick feeling. I was 156.2 just two days ago. Four pounds in two days. Hmmm...what could have caused that? Possibly all the food I've been eating? Nothing terrible, just a some extra here and there, and it all adds up.

My new plan is to cut out all the crap, meaning all the dieter's junk food...sugar-free candy, sugar-free ice cream, sugar-free coffee creamer, that kind of stuff. It tastes like shit anyway so I don't even know why I eat it. Also no eating after 8pm. I've always thought that was a stupid Oprah rule, but I need to put a stop to the late night grazing I've been doing.

Note: I've already blown two things. I didn't get home until 8:30pm from yoga so I had to eat something. I had a chicken breast, and get this, a very small, sugar-free vanilla ice cream cone. That was my dinner. Totally stayed within my Points today, 24 total. I'm allowed 19, but my 7 activity Points, so 26 for today.

My Exercise
I'm rockin' it at the gym these days. My workouts are awesome. I've increased my weight lifting time to 45 minutes. Plus I haven't seen gym-guy-that-likes-to-touch-my-sweaty-biceps (ewwww!) all week, so it's been a really good week so far. Of course, I've been avoiding the area where I know he works out. Luckily it's a huge gym so I have three weight rooms and two cardio areas to choose from.

I read this great book that's really helping me change my workouts. Fewer reps, three sets, and heavier weights. I can really feel it. My arms, legs and back are really sore, for the first time in months. The book is Hers a Woman's Guide to Weight Training: Weider Books/Muscle & Fitness, but it's out of print. I guess I've had it for a few years, just never read it until last weekend.

30-minutes Crossramp

Strength (45 minutes)
Military pushups with upside-down Bosu ball - 3 x 10
Lateral pulldown - 12 @ 65 lb. / 10 @ 67.5 lb. / 8 @ 70 lb.
Deltoid Raise - 12 @ 40 lb. / 12 @ 42.5 lb. / 8 @ 45 lb.
Military Dumbell press - 12 @ 20 lb. / 10 @ 20 lb. / 8 @ 20 lb.
Tricep rope pulldown - 12 @ 40 lb. / 10 @ 41.25 lb. / 8 @ 42.5 lb.
Concentrated Bicep Curls - 12 @ 20 lb. / 4 @ 25 lb. <-----obviously 25 pounds is still too heavy for me!

The Copper River salmon are back! My favorite fish. Woohoo!

Posted today in our online company newsletter:
Preliminary numbers show that --shall remain nameless-- Airlines transported 162,000 pounds of Copper River salmon out of Cordova on eight separate flights, including two freighters, on May 19. That followed the second 12-hour Copper River opener of the year.

That is very likely a record for the amount of Copper River salmon transported in a day and 100,000 pounds more than was shipped on the opening day Friday. The salmon season is off to a solid start with commercial fishermen near Cordova scooping 1,549 kings and 20,216 sockeye out of the water on opening day.


big_mummy said...

i cant believe you actually went back!! lol. i dont think i could even sit in that heat nevermind doing yoga!

sounds like you get a pretty decent workout anyway so i would sweat it (oh! a pun!!!) i was looking at those bosu balls on BL, what are they like??? looks like i would really help with core strength?

MizFit said...

Im actually 100% for the no eating after 8 (which would shock people who know me IRL as I always roll my eyes at those types of rules).

I DO think it's silly to stop before 7 as that really cuts close to dinner for so many of us but ive found *with me* that food choices made after 8 are usually not so good:)

I like to think everyone is like me :)

Ron said...

I wish I had your motivation to exercise, you get in a ton of exercise.. I seem to either go for a walk or a bike ride and thats it for the day!

big_mummy said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVED your comment on my blog today! that is such awesome news- i am glad! another follower- yay. I only buy free range meat and eggs and yes it ismore pricey but when its like yhat you dont let any go to waste!! i have a friend who wants some of my leftovers recipes so i was going to blog them soon. Taste wise there isnt much difference in the meat, but the texture is really different, i cant explain it, but i much prefer it. anyway enough of me gushing! but thankyou, you made my day!!!

big_mummy said...

sorry for the typos- rushing with excitement! lol

antgirl said...

What if someone has to pee? They don't let them leave? There's people peeing on the floor? Not letting you leave is false imprisonment and a tort you can sue them for. I can't believe you went back. Sounds like heat exhaustion. Take care of yourself.

I'm a wimp next to your strength training weights! LOL You go! Part of your gain might be in muscle mass or your muscles retaining fluid from the workouts being that they're sore again. So, it might be nothing that you're doing wrong.

Ida said...

It doesn't sound like a healthy exercise class. I wonder if they have had anyone pass out (or die) in their class. I wouldn't go back.