Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stressed, who? Me?

1. Woke up super later this morning, made a conscious decision to be late to work so I could get my workout in. Got to the gym at 6:30am, at 6:40am my iPod died. I can't workout without blaring music of my chocie (the gym's music sucks).

2. Stressed about missing workout. Think maybe Graciela is right. Maybe I do have midlife exercise anorexia nervosa. Can't stand the idea of not working out so brought workout stuff to work, will stop at gym on the way home. The article.

2. Rushed home, fight with husband before he left for work. Nice way to start the day.

3. Asthmatic cat wheezing like he's dying a slow death. Spent $600 on him last week, three vet visits, x-rays, medicine, oxygen. Advised to buy $300 HEPA room air filter. This morning ordered online with rush delivery.

4. Decided to wear a dress today since only two pairs of jeans that fit (10's) and both were in laundry. No pantyhose and legs are NOT tan. Wearing thigh highs and a corset garter getup. WTF was I thinking? Ever try to go to the bathroom wearing a corset with garters? Oh yeah, wearing three-inch heels too. Feel like a hooker.

5. Tried to check gmail at work and my backdoor access is now blocked. Damn company security. Found another backdoor after 15 minutes searching Google.

6. Filled out a very long, full of mumbo jumbo technical shit form for vendor access to our network. Right before I hit submit I kicked my computer which sits on the floor and disconnected it. Lost everything.

7. Everyone wants something from me today. I feel like my adult ADD is out of control.

Yes, I'm just a wee bit stressed out today.


antgirl said...

You sound stressed. My day's always off if I sleep late. It just never gets right.

Soon it will be over. Put your feet up and find a way to relax.

Graciela said...

Dear Diana
I grew up with an anorexic mother, and I myself have let perfectly normal “dieting” behavior get way out of control. So I’m probably more sensitive than the average person to symptoms of what could be an eating disorder. I had never heard of the term “anorexercise” before, but when you said you were exercising 2-1/2 hours or more a day, I started to wonder. I don’t honestly know how I came across that particular article, but when I read it, I said to myself ”This sounds like my blogger friend Diana.”

I personally am so grateful that a few months ago another blogger (~Tammy) told me that a behavior that I was describing might not be normal. In fact, it wasn’t normal, and once I became aware I’ve since been dealing with my issues in a positive way. When I read some of your more recent posts, I just became concerned for you. So I thought it would be good for you to at least be aware of the possibility of that you might be crossing over from normal healthy exercise to something not so healthy. Awareness is a very powerful tool.

I’m just glad you are now thinking about it. I know you will do whatever is right for you and your body and your health.

Take care.

Ida said...

Sometimes in our goal to be healthy, we cross the line into addictive behavior. I think you have crossed the line, my friend. The exercise is controling you, not vice versa. You are in dangerous territory. Please, stop and think about what you are doing to yourself.
It is NOT worth your life.

Fatinah said...

I know you're stressed, but # 4 made me laugh out loud.

Hope your day gets better chicklet!