Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today's weighin -- 5/31/2009 -- End of 68 weeks

Today's weight: 155.2 pounds

Lost since last official weighin on 4/11/2009: -1.4 pounds (I know, go ahead and laugh. I did.)

Total lost: 84.0 pounds

This is really kind of pathetic. If you look at my stats, you'll see that I've only lost 10 pounds in the last EIGHT months. I lost 73 pounds in the first seven months. What the hell have I been doing lately? Maintenance?

The positive:
1.) I haven't gained anything, which is really unusual for me. My M.O. is to drop a large amount of weight quickly, then turn around and gain it all back just as quickly.

2.) I've lost 84 pounds.

3.) My workouts are consistent, six days a week, 40 minutes cardio/40 minutes strength, plus walks and bike riding a few times a week. I'm stronger and more physically fit than at any other time in my life. I have more energy than I know what to do with. Pretty amazing considering I'm 53.

The negative:

1.) A 10-pound loss in eight months when I was aiming for a 30-pound loss in about four months.

2.) It makes me a tiny bit sad that I'm not at goal by now.

3.) Vacation July 19, birthday August 7, company picnic August 8, anniversary August 19. I really wanted to be at goal for all of these events. It's not going to happen.

I know what to do, it's what I did the first six months. Follow the program.

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Ron said...

Diana, I have been doing the same.... maintenance.
My BMI yesterday was 25!!! that is not where I would like for it to be. You have lost 84 pounds, don't beat yourself up over it! that is awesome!