Thursday, June 18, 2009

It is what it is

My post earlier today was depressing. I re-read it this afternoon and cried. I could see the truth in what I said, but I also realized how stupid and pointless it all sounded. There's a saying that's overused at my place of work: it is what it is. It simply means accept the problem, stop complaining about it, and move on. That's what I intend to do about my body image issues.

I loved all of your comments, they were touching, sweet and caring. This blogland is a strange place. People that I don't even know reach out to me, comfort me, console me. Of all the kind comments, Ron's really hit home. Ron, thanks for kicking my big, fat, droopy, old butt (now that's a visual), and yes, I'm still speaking to you. You're right, I need to get over myself and live my life. I'm healthy and in good shape, at least on the inside. What am I whining about?

Putting so much value on personal appearance is a losing battle for a woman my age. It's only going to get worse, not better. I can't fight the aging process, I just have to learn to deal with it, grow old gracefully. What's on the inside is more important than how I look. Being a better person, a better friend and even a better wife. Maybe if I was a better wife, maybe he'd be a better husband.

As far as my sexuality, I've never felt sexier than I do these days. I'm sure the exercise and the new self-confidence in myself has a lot to do with it. The video, well, that was a little setback. Looking at myself with a critical eye, comparing my body to all the sweet, young things out there, that was foolish and unwise. After all, it is what it is, and I can live with it.


Miz said...

I can't fight the aging process, I just have to learn to deal with it, grow old gracefully. What's on the inside is more important than how I look.

you have nailed what Im thinking and feeling these days as well.
Outside the mirror isnt my friend :) in that Ive spent too muchtime outside and too little time getting botox :)

( Im curious what my forehead would think if ever given then chance)

only a few more days till 40 for me.

Im with you on focusing on the inside.
IM WITH YOU on focusing on being a better wife/mom than I was last year...

Ron said...

Now that is a lot better attitude Diana. One of the things that I have tried to do along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to try and look at the positive side of everything. Life is to short to live on the negative side. You have done an amazing job and you look amazing. Sometimes I think you push to hard. I might be wrong but I think a good 45 minute to 1 hour workout a day should be plenty of exercise with the proper diet.

big_mummy said...

thats my girl!!! xxx

Fatinah said...

I just decided two days ago after going bathing suit shopping that I am going to start appreciating where I am today. We are going to waste a whole life looking for that better body, when we have pretty nice, healthy bodies right now!

You know, even Tyra Banks models so that people don't see her cellulite!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Diane. I didn't read your post from yesterday until just now. First of all, your brutal honesty... I think is necessary for all of us sometimes. You went way over the top confronting yourself and I admire that. When I look in the mirror, all I can think is "no wonder your single." I hate my fat, my bat wings, and my basketball of a gut. I'm downright p.o.'d with myself for not caring about myself more than anything.

Your transformation is amazing and you are an inspiration to me, but I guess you are not done yet, are you? It is a lifestyle and a mission that goes on forever, but you are doing it.

I think you just gave yourself a new challenge. Good for you.

antgirl said...

Keep saying it until you believe it and live it, because it's true.

I like that you write what you're feeling. You shouldn't apologize for it, or as MzFit wisenly tells us, be unapologetically you. That's why we're here reading. :-D