Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's time to stop the dancing

On February 17, 2009 I was at my lowest weight (in about 10 years) of 154.6. Last Sunday I was 156.0. A gain of 1.4 pounds in the last four months. Basically I've been doing maintenance.

I've been dancing around 155 for months. I've gone up and down a few pounds. In March I was even up to 166.4, but I always settle back to around 155. This is not my goal weight, and it will not become my goal weight (it's 135).

I'm not exactly happy about this maintenance thing. I want to get to goal, I really do, but I don't seem to be willing to make the extra effort that is needed for me to get there.

Some days I wonder if I can even get there from here. Is it possible to lose another 20 pounds? I honestly don't know because I really haven't been trying. Every day I'm a failure at weight loss. The reason is simple. I eat too much. I exercise really hard, five to six times a week, and that's the only reason I'm maintaining.

I'm still doing the Missouri 60 challenge, but this morning I found another challenge that's perfect for me. I found it on Amy's Quest to Get Skinny, the challenge is for 15 weeks.

My personal goal, that I copied from Krista, is to lose 15 pounds in the 15 weeks. I can totally do this. That's one pound a week. Seriously, who can't lose one pound a week? Okay, that would be me for the past four months, but I fully intend to change that starting right now.

This is week one, and I'm using Sunday's weighin for my start, 156 pounds. If I make the 15 in 15, that will put me at 141. Very close to my goal weight. I'm going to change things up a bit to do this, so I need a plan. A real plan I can follow. More on that later, right now I'm just excited I'm even thinking about making some actual progress.

Let the challenge begin! If I make it, or should I say, when I make it, then I'll really be dancing!


Fatinah said...

I laughed out loud when I read "who can't lose one pound a week?". You're funny.

So glad you're charged and ready to go - can't wait to hear about your plan!!

Anonymous said...

You really do have such a positive attitude. You are an inspiration to those of us just starting out.
Also thanks for the kind words of encouragement you left for me on my blog!

big_mummy said...

well apparently *I* cant lose a pound a weeek lol but if your going for the positive thinking shizzle then.... heck yeh anyone can lose a pound a week, you will rock this, etc lol

Brooke said...

That's right - you CAN!! Good luck. I'm doing Amy's Challenge too. I think it's really going to be a good motivator!!

antgirl said...

I can't lose a pound a week. I haven't for over a year. That's how long I've been maintaining -one year, three months and counting. Try just changing one thing you're doing now for a better habit.

I've been doing that lately, trying to kick the intertia in the ass. :)

You'll succeed.

Ella Enchanted said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment! I am going to have to check out this 15 week challenge, sounds very interesting. Have you been biking lately? I loved your video when you were hauling a** down the hill...it made me think of the fun we use to have as kids racing down the hills in Georgia. You will make it through the challenge & we will all be dancing for you. Have a wonderful day.

bbubblyb said...

Diana, good luck with your challenges. You know a part of me wants to preach "just live your life to the fullest" but I too find myself focused on the scale way to often. Maybe your body likes 155 *smile*. Just my unasked for 2 cents lol. *hugs*