Monday, June 1, 2009

My new passion

I'm in love with biking! I pick up my bike tonight from the shop. It was there over the weekend for an overhaul. I really missed biking over the weekend.

I had a disastrous bike ride last Wednesday, when I still had that catheter in my arm. I had the harebrained idea to take my bike off trail, I mean really off trail. I thought since it was an "all-terrain" bike I could take it down a hillside of blackberry bushes. I crashed big time and my legs were covered in scratches (I had on shorts). The bike went off on it's own down the hill, getting entangled in the bushes. I lost the speedometer I'd attached to the bike and got two flats. The flats didn't appear until I was about three miles from home. The reward was I found the coolest country road that's about three miles from my house.

The weather is awesome here in the Northwest. I have my new bike shorts ready, with the pillow built into the butt. Just what I don't need, a big, fat pillow butt--but I like comfort. I also bought a new Lance Armstrong tank top, black with a yellow band around one arm hole (only because it was on sale and very cute). My other purchase was a toolkit that attaches under the seat, and two spare tubes. Never mind that I have no idea how to change a tire on my bike. I guess I need to read my bike maintenance book and figure it out.

I'm dying to try some new trails. I have four books of bike trails in the Northwest. I'm especially interested in the Rails to Trails. The only problem is I need to convince my husband to go with me because the bike rack only attaches to his truck, not my car. He's not fond of me driving his truck (long story). I'm working on him.

Funny thing about this new passion of mine. There was an article last month in Women's Health. It said if your thighs are getting big from working out then you're probably working out too much on the bike. Biking = Big Muscled Thighs. Oh well, I can live with muscles. It's the fat I want gone, and if I can have fun doing it, that's all the better.


Goal setting is suppose to help us reach our goals. How ironic is that?

June goal: Lose 5 pounds.

I want to weigh 150 pounds by June 30. I know that's doable, just not easy. I feel like I'm trying to chip cement off my body. This is just ridiculously hard. It's a wonder anyone ever reaches goal. How do they do it? Maybe following the stupid program to the letter? That would be my best guess.


big_mummy said...

i have been trying to post in here for damned ages. hope it works this time.

i think the very few people who CAN follow stupid programs by the letter are actually the ones that probably deserve it most lol, i am slacking off mine even now. doomed i tell ya. you are doing great, i know i always say that to you but to me, heck 160lb, yes please... 150??? hell yeh wait while i chew your arm off!! its all self perception though i know that. you are going slow and steady though which means your more likely to keep it off right?

and you are shit ass crazy for going down the hill with the blackberry bushes! your insane!!

Hows your arm?

Ron said...

Glad you are enjoying your biking.... I know I really enjoy it and now I can change a flat tire out on the trail in no time...LOL

bbubblyb said...

You know I haven't tried to ride a regular bike since I was like 23, I remember it hurting my butt and being afraid I would fall lol. Your shorts made me smile though. Sorry about your crash. Glad it hasn't made you change how you feel though.

antgirl said...

Ouch! Them blackberry bushes are painful!

How's your arm doing? Sounds like you're feeling better. That's good to hear. :)

Glad you and your bike are reunited. Muscle on thigh is better than the other stuff that usually globs onto mine. LOL

Ida said...

Bike riding hurts my knees, so that is out. I'll stick to walking, I guess. Sounds like you arm is doing better. Hope your legs ae healing from the scratches.