Saturday, June 13, 2009

My refrigerator...a.k.a. the toxic waste dump

This post isn't about what you're thinking, it's not about the unhealthy food in my fridge.

Around 2pm today I realized I hadn't eaten anything all day, except drank a pot of coffee. That's when I headed to the fridge in search of food.

We bought a new refrigerator last September. Somehow I had it in my head it was still brand new. Have you ever looked at something every day and just not seen it for what it was? For some reason when I opened up that fridge, I thought, oh my heaven! This is disgusting! Actually, I said something else, but I'm really trying to clean up my language and not sound like a drunken sailor in my blog.

After three hours of cleaning, even using Q-Tips, Kate Gosselin style, I finally had a sparkling refrigerator, half empty because all the spoiled, expired food had been disposed. I won't go into details of what I found in there, but it was incredibly gross (like fuzzy, moldy gross).

It's true I've been preoccupied this past year, or as my husband said, I've been working on a project that has consumed me. That project being me. I've let a few things slip around here, the fridge just being one of them.

Before attacking the fridge, I was in the middle of attacking my closet, again, which is now completely emptied with stacks of clothes and junk covering the bed and the dresser and the floor. I found my one pair of size 20 pants and tried them on for fun. I can't believe I was ever really that big. When I get to goal, I'll post a picture of me in those pants.

Putting on those size 20 pants made me realize the importance of the "Me" project. So I had a nasty fridge and a messy closet, who really cares about that stuff. I have a healthy body that's NOT a toxic waste dump, and I'm more physically fit than when I was 25. That's what is really important in this life, not how clean I keep the house. At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


Tony said...

Ugh, I feel the same way about letting a let of things slide because I've been focusing on my weight loss. I think it's been worth it, but finding a better balance would be nice.

Ron said...

LOL LOL, I spent Monday evening cleaning out my fridge and I found things growing too.... and who would have ever known you can see thru those glass shelves!!!

big_mummy said...

i've been saying that too! i mean most of the stuff i am letting slide is my kitchen cleaning etc, because i just dont trust myself to spend so much time in there! too much temptation.

Ida said...

Sounds like my refrigerater, or the science lab, as I like to call it. Most of the time it looks like a science esperiment gone awry.