Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Running on empty today

I'm exhausted today. I had a weekend resolution to get eight hours of sleep every night, that lasted all of one night. I got about four hours of sleep last night.

Dinner and a movie with my best friend got me home around 11pm (we talked a lot).

Then I was up at 3:30am checking on a software distribution. Normally not my thing but the regular guy is on vacation. It was software that if it wasn't distributed properly would shut down the airline, so I was a tiny bit worried. Everything went well, except my interuption of sleep. Since I couldn't go back to sleep I just stayed up. So tired.

Great workout this morning, in spite of the lack of sleep. The miracle of caffeine, although I'm sure I'm going to crash and burn this afternoon.

I'm walking at lunch with a guy that use to be on my team. I ran into him and his wife a couple weeks ago (she's the one that didn't recognize me). This guy was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago. He's only 39 years old and needs to lose about 60 pounds.

I told him I walk really fast and he had to keep up with me or I'd leave him behind. He said he likes a good challenge. He's a really fun guy so I'm actually looking forward to walking with him. I gave up on all my other walking partners because they're too slow (or rather, they told me they won't walk with me anymore because I walk too fast for them).

Okay, this is the world's most boring post ever. I just don't have anything interesting or fun to say. I feel like I'm writing stuff just to be writing. Did I mention I'm really tired?


antgirl said...

I'd be tired.

I'd be waaay too slow for you. Since leaving NYC, I lost my shizzle.

Megan said...

Still glad to hear from you. Can't believed you exercised after a morning like that, very impressive. Ride the manic tired energy wave and then treat yourself to a well deserved rest!

big_mummy said...

hahaha did you leave him behind then??

and your not boring silly xx