Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't want to be bedridden in your old age? Read this!

I worked until 8pm today, another 12-hour work day. Long story and I won't bore you with it. I don't really have a choice. Perhaps unemployment, but that's not really an option.

I was home by 8:30pm, after deciding not to go to the gym tonight. I had a horrible night's sleep last night, coughing and tossing and turning, the sleep of the old and the sick. I had skipped my morning workout. This makes four days of not working out.

I was whining to my husband that this is how it starts, miss one day, then two days, then four, next thing you know it's been a month of not working out. Four days of no gym is a near record for me in the past 17 months. He started telling me that I needed to ease up on myself, that I was going to make myself sicker and blah blah blah. We've had this dicussion many times in the past.

As if on cue, right at that very moment a program came on PBS about Aicar and it's effect on the human body. It's some sort of 'exercise in a pill" drug (not FDA approved, yet). I was fascinated, but one part really touched a nerve with me.

They talked about how Aicar could be helpful for the elderly that are bedridden and can't exercise. They did an experiment on a healthy 60-year old woman (remember, I'm almost 54). She stayed in bed for ten days, and wasn't allowed to get out of bed for anything, not even allowed to sit up. In ten days of bed rest her muscles aged....are you ready for this? Fifteen years! Ten days of bed rest was equivalent to aging 15 years. She had also lost two pounds of muscle from her legs alone in those ten days!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? OH MY GOD! These are damn scary statistics.

If you want to watch the videos, they're here. The program will be online in it's entirety on July 15.

All of it was interesting, but I was really intrigued about the Aiding Aging Muscles. Most of you reading this are mere children compared to me, but keep this in mind for when you get older. Exercise is essential, not optional (unless you want to end up in a wheelchair or completely bedridden).

Yeah, try to keep me out of the gym tomorrow morning. No way in hell am I going to miss another workout.
In a effort to prove to you guys that I eat more than enough food, I'm going to start posting what I eat every day. You'll be amazed at how much food I eat on this unintentional maintenance thing I've been doing. More tomorrow about my plan to get back on plan and actually lose weight again.

Coffee with nonfat sugar-free creamer
(the creamer is a bad habit that started recently and must stop) - 1
1 free-range organic fed chicken egg (from a friend that has chickens in his backyard) - 2
1 Thomas Light multi-grain muffin -1
1 sl. 2% extra sharp cheddar cheese (3/4 ounce) -1.5
4 sl. extra lean Canadian bacon - 1
Points = 6.5

1 Light Flatout bread (sundried tomato) -1
5 oz. turkey breast - 5
Spinach, 1/2 cup - 0
Tomato, 1/2 cup - 0
Light mayo, 1 T (usually use hummus but was out) - 1
Points = 7

Afternoon snack:
2 cups fresh blueberries - 2 .5
Points = 2 .5

(this is unusual but it's late, almost 10pm, and I'm not at all hungry because I'm still a little sick)
6 oz. yam slices, baked with two teaspoons olive oil and sea salt - 3 + 2.5 = 5.5
1 cup 1% organic milk - 2
Points = 7.5

Total Points for the day = 23.5

Without any APs, I'm allowed 19 daily Points, plus 5 weeklies, or 24 Points maximum. I was within my Point range for the day.

This was a strange day. Too busy at work for snacks, and I'm really not very hungry. A very rare occurrence for me and one I intend to take advantage of.

By just typing out what I ate today I can see major flaws. Not enough protein or veggies or fruits or dairy. I'll do better tomorrow.


big_mummy said...

wow that trial with the 60yo is insane! woah.

IMO it LOOKS like a lot written down, but really its not a huge amount. do you calorie/point count?

MizFit said...

off to read about the aging---my mom is 70 and Im thisclose to getting her to do more than strolling her hood.

you KNOW I want her to adding weights/resistance training :)

Ella Enchanted said...

May I have your email address? I read something today and I hope that you don't let it bother you. I would rather talk in an email rather than public comments! Thanks, my address is ella.rebardi@yahoo.com

antgirl said...

Yeah, the becoming decrepit thing is an incentive for me, too. It's one of my greatest fears - being old and shriveled all alone in one of those horrendous nursing homes.

I have to watch the slippery slope syndrome in exercise, too. I've taken breaks before like when we moved and missed it. Couldn't wait to get back to regular exercise. It makes me feel so much better.

But you have been sick. So, if you're still illing take it easy on the workouts. Drop the intensity and do something light.

priorfatgirl's mom said...

Hi, Just want to say you look wonderful.
Also, I just started following Tony's blog.
Sorry that I added something and didn't know the whole story.
Prior Fat Girls Mom

But you also got me to come and look at your blog. I'll tell my daughter about you.

Jenny S said...

WHOA. 15 Years?!? I'm shocked!!! I have GOT to start moving more.

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

How did I NOT know of your blog? You have done an amazing job at being dedicated to being healthy - totally just added you to my list of MUST READS!

Sherre said...

As a fellow 50-something blogger, I'm totally gonna watch that PBS show today. Thanks for the tip.

theantijared said...

After reading your comments on your blog, I see how you got the wrong "idea" about my post today.

Diana, with every ounce of sincerity, my post today had nothing to do with you. The situation was the one in January, but it was about the nasty comment on Carlos's blog and how people leave anonymous comments. It was also about my immaturity and how I handled the situation poorly in January! It was to show how I was the heel.

Yes,the situation was the one that happened in January, but the post was about me and previous immaturity. It had to do with retaliation and how it does not work.

You have known me for over a year now. If I really wanted to be vindictive, I would. The post I did today just showed how I handled the situation poorly and over-reacted.

Either way, I promise on my family there was no ill will from that post. in fact, when I saw you and your friends post, I was shocked. That was not the intention. Not even close to it!

If it was taken any other way, again, I do apologize.


Ida said...

Who up and decided that 60 was OLD? They definitely didn't ask ME if it is old. NO WAY is 60 OLD. My Mom is 82, and she is just now beginning to be 'old'. Which is more a state of mind than anything. Diana, you have got to QUIT telling yourself that you are old! Yes, we are older than we used to be, but old? NOT HARDLY! If you keep telling yourself and others that you are old, then old is exactly what you are going to be.
Okay, I'll quit preaching now.