Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting old sucks!

My sister is 17 years older than me. I'll be 54 in a few weeks and she'll be 71. It's actually kind of nice having a sister so much older because in a way, I can sort of foresee my future. On the other hand I know I'm going to outlive her and that breaks my heart. She's one of my very best friends.

The good news is she's healthy as a horse. She's also beautiful (she got the looks and the smarts), and she looks like she's in her early 50's. She looks my age. She eats healthy, watches her weight and goes to a water aerobics class five times a week, every week.

She's has never had a major illness and has only been hospitalized three times in 71 years, for the birth of her three children. This was exactly like our mother, three kids, three hospitalizations. Our mom lived until she was 86 and went from healthy one day to a coma the next and five days later she was gone. The doctor didn't know what caused her death. It's a long story, but we think moving from her own home to an assisted living home ten months earlier is what killed her, but that's another story.

Here's what my sister told me yesterday about getting sick when you're older. It's true that the symptoms seem more severe, that colds last longer and generally she feels much worse than when she was younger. A little cold will put her in bed for a week whereas when she was younger she went to work with a cold. Just like me, she said they knock her to her knees these days.

So my unscientific research tells me that getting old sucks. Oh wait, I already knew that!


Lyn said...

True, but *not* getting old sucks even worse! My parents died at 57 and 61... and I pray I get the chance to be old someday!

I just turned 40 tho and I sure with I could be 25 again.

ChristinaJane said...

I don't know about the age thing, but I sure hope you start feeling better soon!

big_mummy said...

these things i have to look forward too! now dont start dicussing hot flushes and what not lol

Ron said...

I just kinda feel fortunate that I am going to see the big 50 next month lol , I might not look it but somedays my body feels much older than that

Lia said...

The more you improve the foods you eat and the physical activity you do the younger your body gets, to an extent of course, and happiness heals! Surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts and you heal faster :D

antgirl said...

Wow, something else to look forward to.

And I thought my achy foot, rollercoaster hormones and declining memory were fun a plenty. Can't wait to add that into the mix.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Wow, 17 years is quite the age difference!!! It's nice that you guys are so close though :)

Okay this is really going to piss you off, and I'm sorry, but my son is starting school this year and at 25 I feel ancient.

Please don't hit me lol