Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm sick of being sick

I have a cold. Yesterday was the worst of it, I seriously thought I was going to die. I wanted to die. Today is better, but I'm still under the weather.

Something odd I've noticed the last few times I've gotten sick since losing 85 pounds. I seem to get sicker. The symptoms are more intense, I feel worse. Even a simple cold isn't a simple cold anymore. It knocks me to my knees. The cat bite, it almost killed me. The last time I had the flu, it turned into a month long bout of bronchitis.

I really don't understand this. I take vitamins, I eat really healthy for the most part, I exercise like a lunatic, yet my immune system seems weaker, like it can't handle the simplest of illnesses.

I'm physically stronger, I can lift heavier weights, walk farther, work out harder, but my body seems very susceptible to getting sick. I don't like this. When I was fat, a cold was just a cold. Now it feels like it's a death sentence. What's up with this? Anyone else notice this, that you're sicker now that you weigh less? It just doesn't compute.


*Fitcetera* said...

Nope :D

Are you eating ENOUGH?

Jenny S said...

OH! For me, I get sick for sure if I don't get enough sleep. Even one bad night of burning the candle at both ends can give me a sore throat the next day. I think that sleep is our body's best defense mechanism. So you think your cold came on because of how busy you were last week? Just a thought. Hope you feel better soon! I started a blog too now... but I'm super freaked out about it.

antgirl said...


Do you have allergies? Maybe you're burning the candles a bit too hard. Are you more stressed? That would do it, too. Maybe there's lots of sickies at your gym.

I seem to get food related queasiness easier these days though.

Graciela said...

Summer colds...not fun.

You are so busy with your job, early morning workouts, and other stuff, I wonder if you are stressing out your body too much? Maybe you just need to take it a bit easy.

Also, what about seeing a naturopath or a nutritionist...maybe you are lacking some vital nutrient?

And I agree with antgirl...gyms are often a breeding ground for germs.

Hope you feel better soon, Diana.

Ida said...

And you aren't as young as you used to be. Alas, while we aren't 'old', we aren't young chicks any more. As we age, our immune systems weaken. *sigh* Not fun, but a true fact.

big_mummy said...

this is you were talking about and we all know you dont rest enough lol. maybe its your body forcing you.

Fatinah said...

could it be that now that you're 85 lbs lighter, you now know what it is like to feel healthy, so you really notice when you're sick?

Fell better soon!!

Lia said...

Are you more stressed now, especially about your body, now that ur lighter and smaller? Remember that constant stress is what does the damage. Also, for me eating more fresh greens stopped almost all of my colds, so might wanna try doing the whole green smoothie at breakfast time, and bigger salads with darker greens. It really helped me get through this past semester in university winter flu and cold season. Hope you get better soon though!

Operation Shape Shift said...

Hello Diana,

If you dont mind me asking do u take enough water for the long day run. Dont you know that water is very important it can make our resistance more stronger and keep us a way from illnesses and also i advice you take eat a lot of fruits everyday to keep your immune system good.