Thursday, July 9, 2009

My work day from hell

I just got home from work about 30 minutes ago, and please note it's 12:30 A.M.!

Worst work day ever! My project is in status red. Red is bad.

It started with getting called as I'm driving 75 mph to work, Las Vegas begging for help with a computer that refuses to load our software. Flight delays because it won't work (flight delays - very bad). I don't know what to tell them but we get it figured out later.

The absolute worst part of my day, I got sucked into making code changes for a production bug that went out Monday. It was a very high visibility project. Not project, but one where the directors and vps are chomping at the bit that it goes out perfectly. So everyone is breathing down my neck...are you done yet? Is it fixed yet? Can we start testing now? No. No. And NO!

The testers were going to stay all night until I had a version to test. I finally told them to get out of there, it wouldn't be ready until in the morning.

The person that wrote the code was off work today and couldn't be reached (home and cell, no answer). Even better than that is that someone else made a bug fix yesterday and then left for Las Vegas this morning (work stuff). That bug fix seemed to have introduced three new bugs (all MAJOR, of course).

I was at work until after 11:30 p.m. fixing bugs in other people's code I hadn't touched until today. I haven't even written a line of code for at least six months. When I got home I remembered some scenarios I didn't test so I got on my work computer to test some more. Thank God it all seems to work.

The only good part of the day was that I don't think I thought of food once (and yes, I'm hungry!).

I had a really great workout this morning. I rocked it. I can honestly say I love working out. Some days it's a little difficult, but most days I truly enjoy it. It's been almost seventeen months since I started working out 5-7 days a week (currently I average six days with one day off). Love it! I'll be there again in a few hours at 5 a.m.

I was asked out on a date at the gym this morning. I said no thank you, and I told him I'm married. Awkward. He's 38 (I'm almost 54). Silly boy. Then he said maybe we could just be friends. Friends at the gym, no where else (but stop talking to me please!).


big_mummy said...

at what point is being asked out on a date by someone 12 years your junior not good??? (unless you are like 28 like me lol) your one hot mama, so funny you shot him down.

shitty day at work, hope tomorrow is better.

Fatinah said...

I never would have made it through a day like that without a bottle of vodka beside me and a big straw!!

It really good that you exercise regularly - with that kind of job stress, if you didn't - you'd likely be dead of a heart attack!!

spunkysuzi said...

Wow that's major stress!! Yep take the compliment and then give him the bad news your married :) Glad you made it through the day!!