Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No iPod, no workout?

Nada. You know me better than that. When I realized I'd left my iPod at work I almost started to cry. I can't workout without my music. I've tried it before and it was a disaster. I own three iPods but the two I have at home had dead batteries (note to self, keep an extra iPod loaded with current music and charged).

What to do? No music, no way was I going to the gym. Then I decided...bike ride! I've never ridden my bike at 5:30am. It was the best bike ride I've ever done. I added some miles to the end to make it an even 12 miles. Lots of hills, and it took an hour.

I saw a gazillion bunnies, baby bunnies, big bunnies, white-tailed bunnies, brown-tailed bunnies, bunnies chasing each other. Maybe not a gazillion, but I stopped counting at 19. It must be the year of the rabbit because they were everywhere.

I also saw a lady race walking, then about a fourth mile after her was an overweight dog, dragging a leash, going as fast as he could walk, he looked like he was racewalking. He walked right by me so I guess the race walker was his owner, although she was no where in sight as he passed me. Kind of strange.

Then I saw a guy pushing a wheelbarrow with two big boxes strapped together. He could barely see over the boxes. Also weird. The trail doesn't run along a road, it's through the woods and to the mall. I guess that's where he was going with those boxes at 5:30am.

I saw new graffiti on the fence that runs behind the fancy house neighborhood. I bet that really ticks off the people that live there. You can see where they keep painting over it and the graffiti keeps reappearing.

The weird thing about no music while riding my bike was all the sounds I noticed. The birds singing, the wind whipping by my ears, the sprinklers in the park (that are aimed at the sidewalk and not the grass!), the talking crosswalk. I had no idea it talked to me, saying, "Hello! Press the red button to cross the road.", and the squeak in my bike tire as it rotates.

I also looked around a lot more and really took in my surroundings. I guess I get so into my music that I've been missing a lot of stuff. It was kind of cool to just take it all in.

It was also cloudy and colder than a witch's tit this morning. My dad would say that when I was a kid, and my mom would say "Clifford!". We lived near Fairbanks, Alaska so he said that a lot. I forgot about that until this morning.

Breakfast this morning was a green monster shake. I'm not sure I like these. I know it's healthy, but I prefer my muffin/egg/Canadian bacon/cheese sandwich for 6 Points. This was my green monster:

1 cup frozen raspberries - 1
1 medium banana - 2
2 cups spinach - 0
1 WW smoothie mix - 1
2 scoops goat whey - 3
2 cups water

Total of 7 Points. The spinach alone has 110% RDA of vitamin A and 40% vitamin C. The goat whey has 30 grams of digestible protein. The smoothie mix was a dairy. So it's healthy and tastes okay, it just doesn't taste like real food. I prefer to chew my food rather than drink it.

That's all folks, a rambling post with no point. Such is my life.


Sandra said...

I absolutely can NOT go without my iPOD. Nope, nada! If I forget it at home or at work, I go back and get it. It has my life on it (thousands of songs, pictures, podcats).

However, I know exactly what you talk about when you "hear" nature while out and how good it can be. I experienced that last week because I was out in the wilderness I didn't want to wear my iPod so that I could hear if there was any rustling in the forest. It was nice to hear all the birds etc.

bbubblyb said...

I thought it was a great post Diana, I loved hearing about your bike ride. I've tried the green smoothie finally and I thought it was ok. I don't use the same ingredients (guessing mine is about 3 point) but like you I prefer to chew my food. Hope you have a great day.

Ella Enchanted said...

I have been wanting to try a "green monster" for a while, I just haven't been brave enough. I eat fresh spinach at least 4 times a week, a spinach-egg omelet will fill you up fast! I'm not sure I want to drink my spinach just yet! I loved the details of your bike ride. It is so nice to be able to hear everything that is going on around you. I cannot work out without my iphone. It makes me go faster & harder! Have a great afternoon.

spunkysuzi said...

Oh i love my smoothies usually a cup of milk, frozen banana, 1 cup of baby spinach and one other fruit! Even got my daughter hooked on them ;)
Going out for a bike ride was a great idea! Sometimes you have to shake things up!

antgirl said...

I prefer chewing, too. To me, it's much more satisfying.

Your bike rides sounds like a blast. I always see bunnies on my way home from PMO. Some make me stop for over 10 minutes as they hop in and out of the road and can't make up their minds. I wait though. Heck, I brake for the kangaroo rats, too.

Ron said...

Glad you enjoyed your bike ride. Did you know if you use canadian bacon, egg beaters and cheese product instead of cheese, you can eat that breakfast for about 4 points ???

Ida said...

It is great to just listen to the sounds of nature sometimes. Glad you enjoyed the ride.
Although I can not imagine getting up at 5:30 am ON PURPOSE! LOL

Miz said...

I know I will forget it half the time and I know that THAT half the time Ill crap out on my work out ;)


I know myself...

*Fitcetera* said...

It's amazing how we tune out with our music & tv's and vid games...& that's nice too sometimes. But there is something to be said about BEING THERE right in the moment.
Enjoyed coming along for your bike ride :)

Marian Kamen aka MARINA said...

I need my iPod loaded with hot pumping motivational music.
Distraction IS the key.

Never Stop Movin'!