Friday, July 3, 2009

Post-frosting report

Your comments on my frosting confession were so sweet (ha! pun intended). Seriously, you make me feel like I'm not such a freak for some of the stupid stuff I do.

I've put the frosting incident behind me, probably literally behind me as I'm sure it's planted itself on my big fat butt. I threw the other half of the can away when I saw the expiration date. It really didn't taste very good anyway. It was a sweet, chemical bitter taste, that's the only way I can describe it. Maybe it was the expiration date, maybe that's just the way it tastes. Regardless, it's gone.

I know I'll never be "cured" of this obesity disease. Sometimes I feel so strong, like I've conquered it. Then I have moments, sometimes hours or days or weeks (even months and years) where it consumes me. All I can think about is getting my next fix. If I succumb, like I did with the frosting, then I'm filled with remorse. I know this is a disease of some kind, maybe a disease of the mind or the body, I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that it's a sickness that's hell to be cursed with, and I will be fighting it every day of my life.

Putting all that aside, back to my 15 pounds in 15 weeks. I'm working on my plan to get there. It's four parts, Food, Exercise, Weight Watchers (living it for real), and the last part, not really about losing the weight, but it's called "stepping outside of myself". More on the plan later. I'm actually excited about it.

Busy day today, the refrigerator man is coming this morning. We've been using the garage refrigerator for two weeks, very annoying.

I've been given the task of getting emisisons testing on his truck. First time in our almost 21 years of marriage he's trusting me with this task. I know, silly, but he thinks it's a man thing to have an emissions test done. Anything car-related is his "job". Since two "man-jobs" need to be done today, he chose staying home to "make sure the repairman does the job right". So I get to take his truck in for an emissions test.

I also "get" to take my car in for an oil change. Something I've only done once in 21 years. It's not that I mind doing this stuff, it's just that my husband has always done it.

I feel like a big girl today, in the good sense of that term. I get to do car stuff .

Happy almost 4th!


Losing Waist! said...

I don't know where the balance is with husbands... MINE won't do anything related to my cars for me! Can we find a happy medium??

I was thinking about your frosting incident... For the month of OCT of 2008 I went on a sugar detox, and all I could obsess about was the packaged frosting on the baking isle at the grocery store. It was ridiculous, but there is something about that stuff that brings out the sugarmonster in many people. I couldn't go down the baking isle when I shopped because the cravings for that crap would almost bring me to tears! It was so bad that I remember it sharply nine months later...

big_mummy said...

you know i meant to blog something, my dr was saying that they have these new NHS guidelines with patients who are losing weight to encourage them to lose weight according to their frame size, basiclly going by wrist size: if your thumb and middle finger, can overlap, touch or not meet at all. mine dont meet at all, and once she put my height in the calc it came up as 11stone4 which is 160lb. I was DANG diana weighs less than that and keeps punishing herself! so there, thought of you.

Fatinah said...

now I'm REALLY excited to hear about your plan.... intriguing!!!

you mean 15lbs in 15 WEEKS, not days, right? ;-)

good luck with the emissions test - you're a big girl now!! HAHA

*Fitcetera* said...

Do we call you The Mechanic now?
I've never had a hubby so I've always had to do this. I feel growed up too when I do it & have found 3 great places that have given me fantastic service and where I don't have to worry about my gender being a deciding factor as to the outcome of service. A big worry to us women when it comes to the car thang.

>>>> will you stop, please???
one half can of frosting is NOT going right to your ASS! lol
I think you need to wrap you brain around the idea that you're not 'bad' or 'good' with food or that you're 'not cured' Why make it bigger than it is?
You're simply making the best choices you can, day to day and sometimes not so great choices. Don't be so hard on yourself, Diana.
There is no need for it.

Anonymous said...

I so can understand the can of frosting thing.

I will definitely have to read more about the "stepping outside myself" thing. Very interesting.

antgirl said...

You're still learning ... for some stuff we have biiig learning curves. :)Your persistence will pay off. I believe that.

Husbands can be funny. I'm just thrilled mine can fix my computer.

theantijared said...

Here is your tough love!

Please, focus and lose those 15 pounds!!!!!! You work out six days a week!


From August 2008!!!

Don't make my "frosted" side come out!

Ron said...

Your just a "Jack of all trades" no... that would be your husband... You are "Diana of all trades" Keep on workin at it!