Monday, August 17, 2009

Hanging in there

I can't believe it's only Monday. How can that be? It was the longest day of my life! I wish tomorrow was Friday.

I'm hanging in there on eating healthy. So far, so good, but it's only 10pm. A lot of damage can happen in the next few hours, what I refer to as my bewitching hours.

My workout was great this morning, after I got past the first ten minutes of pure and utter torture. It always happens after I have a big heavy meal like Sunday night's Mexican Fiesta Platter, a full plate of every appetizer on the menu. My body screamed at me in agony when I started out my cardio. I don't know if it's the sodium or just my body punishing me for being bad to it, but it's always a tough go the next day.

I'm loving my new laptop. It's so cool. It's like a dream machine. Super fast, quiet, pretty. Although it doesn't make my blog any more interesting. :)


Ida said...

What kind of laptop did you get?

MizFit said...

I cant believe its only tuesday now :)

my parents are visiting for...10 more days and me?
Im really good at many things but entertaining is NOT ONE OF THEM :)

big_mummy said...

bewitching hours made me burst out laughing! i know exactly what you mean, i force myself to go to bed because i will just graze like a cow!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I hope got through the witching hours okay!!

Have a great Tuesday.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Your blog is interesting! Quit downplaying yourself like that :P

bbubblyb said...

Glad you're enjoying your laptop. I know what you mean about the day after eating poorly. I would say hope Friday comes quickly for you but I'm not wishing for Friday this week it will mean no bathroom for me lol.

Ron said...

I've been meaning to talk you you about your uninteresting blog !!! gimme a break! lol

Erin Huggins said...

HEllo Diana,

Good to hear that you had a great workout although you said that it was punishing. LOL Just keep it up! And i bet you enjoy blogging on your new laptop. Nice! :D