Friday, August 14, 2009

Pizza? Really Diana?

That's what my husband said to me Wednesday night when I said I was ordering pizza. Yes, really! I had a hell of a day Wednesday at work. Number three "hell-of-a-day" this week. The stress peaked at a meeting where I practically yelled at a coworker and stomped out of the meeting. old am? Five? No, but I sure acted like it. I've never done anything like that in my life. Let's just say my fuse, which is rather long, finally ignited.

Driving home Wednesday night I was trying to decide to get drunk or eat myself silly. I decided on the eating myself silly. The main reason was because I had a plan to work out like crazy the next day to work off the pizza I was planning to eat. My workouts suck if I drink, plus, given a choice I'd always rather eat my calories rather than drink them.

I ordered the pizza online for the first time (and got 20% off, anything to save a buck). It was a very unfriendly website, kept kicking me off and deleting all my info. I haven't ordered pizza or eaten real pizza since I started with Weight Watchers eighteen months ago.

I tried to order the super thick crust stuffed with cheese. When we finally got the pizzas (yes, I ordered two large) at 9pm, my husband asked me if I'd ordered crust with the pizza. Seriously, it was paper thin. Okay, maybe not paper thin, maybe cardboard thin, but thin cardboard. I've never seen crust like this in my life.

I had ordered extra cheese and sauce. There was barely any cheese or sauce. I think what happened was the online form kept resetting itself when I made an error so it must have reset to "the thinnest crust ever made" and no extra cheese or sauce. The picture on the website showed the pizza was thick with ingredients. It wasn't, there were actually bare areas where there weren't any ingredients or cheese. It was the most pathetic pizza I've ever seen. It didn't even taste that good, really all I could taste was salt. Of course that didn't stop me from eating almost a whole pizza.

I guess the weight loss Gods were looking looking out for me since I obviously wasn't looking out for myself. That was Wednesday night. I did better yesterday but when I weighed this morning I was up to 166.4. Yikes! I'm sliding down that slippery slope to fatdom once again.

My new plan #4,987,080,999 is to go back to Weight Watchers tomorrow and officially weigh in, stay for the meeting and follow the Weight Watchers plan. I know, it's a very original idea I'm having here, to actually follow a plan. I'll post my official weighin tomorrow. I know it's going to be ugly but I have to face it and get back down to business.

In spite of my stress and my bad eating, I've hit the gym every day this week. Yesterday my workout rocked. A full hour of cardio even though I thought I was having a heart attack about half way through it. Every time I eat really bad, like eating a pizza, I have a horrible time with my cardio the next day. My entire body ached and hurt, and even my heart felt like it hurt.

I'm heading out to the gym in a few minutes. I was going to bike there but it looks like rain and it looks cold (no sun). Can summer really be almost over?


SunflowerDaisies said...

I have a hard time not caving when it comes to stress and "comfort foods." I'm a teacher, and getting ready to start school in less than a week. And I'm stressing over it. A lot of times I want sugar like bakery type stuff, but today I actually had a cheeseburger and french fries. I have a tendency to freak out (okay- guilt) about it, so I exercised twice as much today to compensate for it, and the other sugary stuff I've been craving. Ah, lovely stress...

Ida said...

Nothing like a pizza to soothe the stressed out soul, except maybe a chocolate milk shake to go with it. Maybe it will be easier to say no to the online pizza next time. Who wants paper thin, no topping pizza, anyway?

Erin Huggins said...

I love eating pizza during sunday. It fulfills my long week of dieting hard and working hard in the gym or doing pilates. Give yourself a break munch those pizza. Yum yum Lol