The best dinner ever!

I've been following Lia's blog for over a year. She's an amazing young woman. She reminds of someone with an old soul in a young person's body. She's figured out things about life that I'm still trying to figure out.

Lia is attending a Swiss hospitality school. When she wrote about her sprialized zucchini with cashew afredo sauce, I asked her to post the recipe. In the meantime I ordered a spiralizer from, and it came today.

It was so much fun to spiralize the zucchini, and it was really easy to use. I'm a nut for kitchen gadgets and this thing is great.

Tonight I made Lia's recipe for spiralized zucchini with cashew alfredo sauce. It was absolutely the best thing I've ever eaten in my life. Seriously, it was that good. As I was making it I said to my husband you can sure tell she's a chef because there were no amounts in her recipe, so I winged it. It turned out fantastic!

My husband, who never says something is really good unless he really means it, said it was one of the best meals he's ever eaten in his life. I have to agree, it was really good. Thank you so much Lia!

I have no idea of the calorie count in this recipe. I used three tablespoons of the sauce and mixed it in with the zucchini, carrots, some roasted butternut squash and cherry tomatoes, a few shrimp on top and a little shaved parmesan. It's been three hours since I ate and I don't feel hungry.

Good eats for sure!


Helen said…
Did you see on the Biggest Loser this past week the celebrity chef added spiralized veggies to pasta. It cut the pasta portion from 1 cup to 1/2 cup. Such a good, yet simple, idea! Seeing your picture makes me want to order a spiralizer.
Lia said…
YAY!!! I'm still THAT excited! I agree about the pasta thing. If I'm craving pasta I make zuchini and to get the texture I steam it in broth (or sauce) for just a minute. Appeases cravings.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe, and sorry for the no amounts thing. I never measure hahaha, so it's good that you could feel it out.
Roxie said…
Very cool! Sounds delish....
Ron said…
Sounds awesome, but sounds like I may want to eat alot of it, better wait until i lose some weight LOL
Anonymous said…
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Ida said…
Nifty gadget. Sounds like a great idea to use zucchini instead of pasta. Thanks Diana and Lia.
Ida said…
Sounds like such a wonderful idea to use zucchini instead of pasta. Thanks Diana and Lia.
I have been seeing those spiralizers on many of the blogs. It looks like a fun gadget; I may have to get one!!
big_mummy said…
that sounds yummy i really might have to try that (and buy another gadget- yay)

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