Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cat on a hot tin roof

Not really a hot tin roof, but it is a cat on a roof. That's Mickey Mouse, my cat, on top of our roof. That's where he was when we came home Thursday night. My husband left the ladder up against the roof when he was cleaning out the gutters last weekend. Mickey figured out how to climb up (and thankfully down) the ladder. Really nothing to do with this post, but this post really doesn't have anything to do with much of anything.

I have a very busy weekend to get ready for a business trip to San Francisco on Monday. Today it's Weight Watchers, gym, haircut, mani/pedi, and buy a new suitcase. I'm going to check a bag for this trip. My old bag was destroyed on the last trip. I rarely check a bag but it's a necessity for this trip because of the stuff I have to take with me. This time I'm going to buy the wildest color I can find, definitely not black. If I can find zebra stripe, I'm buying it. I'm tired of looking at a hundred black bags trying to find mine.

I'm still counting calories and it really seems to be working. I've been binge-free since I started with the calorie counting on Monday and writing it in my journal. That's five whole nights of not mindlessly stuffing my face like a maniac. I consider it a victory of sorts, but I know I can't let my guard down for a second. I must remained focused or I could slip and slide right back to where I was a couple weeks ago, or worse yet, nineteen months ago.

It's strange to go back to calorie counting because it's what I did 40 years ago when I started my first diet when I was 14 years old and wanted to lose ten pounds. I was a whopping 135 pounds and wanted to weigh 125 (I was 5' 6" and still am). I was an idiot. I never did lose the ten pounds. I remember getting down to 130 and feeling like I was starving to death. Some things never change.

I hope everyone has a really great weekend, and like Ron says, remember to make healthy choices.



*fitcetera* said...

lol ... I'm with you on finding a wildly different suitcase. My next one is going to be something unusual too. To hell with the masses.
Sound like today's going to be a fun day for you. I had a mani/pedi Friday.
I might have to join you in the calorie counting or at least weighing and measuring. I've gone completely off the deep end here. blechhh.

Cat's are funny.
Have a great trip to SF. I'd love to go there someday.

Roxie said...

Way to go on the binge free days! I hear you on the perpetual dieting thing. I remember reading the old Atkins diet book back when I was about that age. I ate hot dogs and cottage cheese until I thought I would die. I never did lose any weight, but it certainly started the whole "dieting" cycle.

Have fun in SF!

Ida said...

You are doing SO great. Have fun on that trip. Hope you find the wild bad you deserve.