Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 20: Eating more, moving less

Guess what? I've proven the theory that eating more and exercising less doesn't work! I said I wasn't Einstein, I wasn't kidding.

I got on the scales this morning, as I do every morning, and I'm up two more pounds. Now I'm 164. Six pounds in almost two weeks. I am NOT calm. I am FREAKED out about this. WTF?

I know exactly what happened. I relaxed a little, eased up on how much I was eating and cut back on my workouts a little. I decreased my gym time from 90 minutes to 60 minutes. Oddly, I've seemed hungrier lately since working out less.

So, the insanity is back. Back to my 90-minute workouts, which I don't really mind. I kind of enjoy them. The hard part is the eating less. I love food, especially in quantity. I need to re-evaluate what I'm eating and how much. I need to journal everything, all day, not just 3/4 of the day. Maybe change things around a little.

I'm back at it! Eating LESS and moving MORE is the correct formula for weight loss. I had it backwards.


My new favorite P!nk song - Glitter in the Air


Helen said...

I totally identify with the loving food thing. I can even outeat my exercise. The, sometimes when I tell people that I can eat when I'm not hungry they look at me like I have two heads. Hey, you know what works for you so go for it!

BTW did you see Pink got injured on her tour?!

seattlerunnergirl said...

Hi, Diana,

I just want to encourage you to give the "eat more, lose more" method a bit more of a try! You've only been doing this for a few days or maybe a week; it takes your body far longer to adjust to changes like this. You've been working out like crazy and eating 19 points for quite some time now. Which is like pushing a car to drive 100 miles further on 1/2 the gas. If you start eating more (whole, healthy foods), it will take your body a while to "believe" that you're not going to deprive it any more, that there's enough fuel to last forever, and that it can stop hoarding those calories like they're going out of style.

Just a thought and hopefully some encouragement. It doesn't have to be about deprivation and insane workouts.

Hang in there!

antgirl said...

It does take the body awhile to learn to 'trust' you. It may be hoarding those extra calories knowing you're going to punish it again. I agree with 'give it more time.'

Put the scale away and just be healthy and let yourself be.

Quix said...

I am so there with you today. I've been trying to eat more for the last 2 months, I was convinced I was starving myself with my activity level, and I gave it a chance - but the weight isn't coming off - in fact I've gained a few lbs. Maybe it works for some people, but it ain't workin' for me. :)

Since it's two weeks before I leave town to get married and I'm feeling fluffy, I'm going back to restricted calories and seeing what I can do. Good luck with your new plan!

Ida said...

Do what you know works for you. You've come too far to quit now.