Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 21: Hold it close to your heart

I'm not sure if it's contagious, and we're all catching it from reading each other's blogs, but something seems amiss. I even caught a bit of it myself.

What is "it"? Our lack of enthusiasm for losing weight. Several of the blogs I read are written by people who have been at this for a long time, the same as me. Actually, it's not that we lack the enthusiasm for losing weight, but we lack the enthusiasm for doing the things we have to do to lose weight.

It's like we're all tired. Tired of the mundane, of the boredom. The measuring, the counting, the tracking. The decisions about what's the best choice, what's the most healthy thing to eat. The worry. The remorse when we screw it up. The self-flagellation when we don't get it right.

I'm right there with you. I'm tired of it all too.

On the other hand, I vividly remember what it was like to weigh 240 pounds. I can flip over to my pictures page and look at myself. I remember the humiliation, the hurt, the physical pain. I remember the asthma attacks which have completely disappeared. And mostly, I remember never wanting to go anywhere or do anything.

That 240-pound woman would have rather died than attend a Pink concert and danced in the aisles. She couldn't have hiked ten minutes up a mountain, much less for three hours with a 25-pound pack on her back. She would never have gone to a football game and talked to strangers and high-fived them when her team made a touchdown.

No, that woman would have sat at home, probably on the couch, and watched TV all weekend. Or maybe read a book. Socializing was not her thing. Then she would have whined about her "boring" life.

All this weight loss stuff is rather boring, the same old thing day after day. Especially when you're past the honeymoon phase. The pounds aren't falling off quickly (if at all), the compliments about how great you look aren't as frequent. Buying new clothes has lost it's charm.

What can keep you going? What's really going to motivate you to continue with this? Is where you are now "good enough"? If you were running a 5k and saw the finish line up ahead, would you just say, hey, I ran 4.5k, and I just don't feel like running the rest of it"? Right, I didn't think so.

We each have to find the one thing that's important to us. The thing that makes us want to continue down this road. It's not exciting stuff that we're doing. It's pretty boring. But life isn't boring. Life is fun and exciting and thrilling. There's so much life to live, to live it overweight is a waste. We miss so much when we're overweight. We hide, we avoid situations, we avoid people. Being overweight is it's own prison.

So even though I intended to write about what motivates me to stay with this, I realized what works for me is probably not going to work for you. We each have to find our own way. Just look inside yourself, find the real reason you're doing this and hold it close to your heart.


Lia said...

Nicely put. It is true about finishing things and not wanting to go back. One thing I try to keep in mind is regarding perspective. I guess I've always had the mentality that if a person has the intention and wants something, they will attain it. Believeing this lets a people relax and things just happen. I guess it is somewhat akin to believing that god has aplan and will take care of things and all of that. I'm not religious at allll, so I guess te equivilant is believing that your desires to be happy will come through for you. Then letting go of the NEED to make sure everything is going right is easier.

MizFit said...

and as trite as it is thats entirely why I made my tagline FITNESS ISNT ABOUT FITTING IN.

my path? 100% not a path which works for others.

my path? if tweaked and changed even a LITTLE. molded to you. can work for you.

hang in's such a freakin journey huh?


Roxie said...

Great post, Diana. I, too, have been suffering from the "swine flu" - the desire to pig out. I'm supposed to be in maintenance, but my swings in weight are too big to be called maintaining in anyone's book. All progress is not linear however and my hope is that while I'm in this "off" phase that the damage is not too severe before I kick back into high gear again. Thinking that we can stay in that honeymoon phase forever is folly. Some days you just have to get through it by first doing no harm. Again, super post at just the right time for me.

Krista said...

I love this post. It's almost as if I wrote it.

In the past I was 230 pounds and miserable...even at 185 right now I'm a bazillion times happier than I was back then.

You hit the nail on the head though...I'm tired.

I will find that enthusiasm that I had back in the day. That is a promise!

Ron said...

Great post, I have been sitting here thinking about what it is I want to do, Vacation is about over and I really do want to get into a great exercise routine and keep eating healthy, but today.... I say... I will get back to it on Monday..... not good.... what's wrong with starting today?

Helen said...

The truth beautifully written Diana.

bbubblyb said...

This was such a great post Diana. This journey really is about finding out what we each want for ourselves. I really do think this journey started for me so I could start living. Like you I would sit in the house all weekend (usually in my nightgown) and do nothing. To think how far we've come now, it makes me smile and my heart fill up. I am going to go back and look at my bucket list and start working on marking things off again. Thanks for reminding me.

antgirl said...

Like your new layout. I haven't figured out how to do this yet. Maybe when I have more time.

We do all have to find our own way and those things to latch onto that keep us going.

I've been at a plateau for well over a year, but I keep at it. I am NOT going back to what I was, especially since there's nothing left in the closet that would fit.

AnaVera said...

Thanks a lot, Diana! I'm over 250#, sitting on my couch not wanting to do a dang thing LOL. I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep, now! :P J/K. Thanks for the cold shower! I'm back on track Monday - no ifs ands or big buts about it! Have a great weekend!

Ida said...

Well said, my friend.

Tony the Pink Panda said...

Good Post Diana. It's for sure worth it, even though dieting is a pain in the ass sometimes.

*fitcetera* said...

great post Diana.

Anonymous said...

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