Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 22: Choices

It is what it is. A gain of 7.6 pounds in two weeks. Weekly average loss since Feb 9, 2008 - 0.9 lbs. per week.

Let me go back over the last two weeks and see what I shouldn't have done (this is just a sample of my bad choices).

1. Beer - 9 Points
2. Skinny Cow Mint ice cream sandwiches, six in one night (crack) - 17 Points
3. Weight Watchers Cookies 'n Cream ice cream bars, six in one night (more crack) - 17.5 Points

Stupidity - priceless.

New day, new week, and all that other crappola I spout all the time.

I read several blog posts the last few days that talked about choices, making the right ones. I made some really bad choices last week. Part one of my plan is to make better ones this week.

Part two of my plan is to go to bed by 9pm. Since my crazy eating happens between 10pm and midnight, what if...I was asleep?! I'm brilliant!



~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I'm with ya Diana!

*fitcetera* said...

Yes you are brilliant!

Here's to better choices, Diana!
Go Girl!

spunkysuzi said...

That sounds like a good plan!!

big_mummy said...

go bed early!! its what i do.

Lia said...

Nice idea. Early to bed is sooo nice anyway, sometimes staying up just makes you stress about life when you have nothing else to do. Do you read any good books because that is also a great way to distract yourself and get you to bed earlier. :) I will post recipes on my blog today!

Roxie said...

I'm with you. Here's to better choices, starting now. Past is past, done and gone. Our successes or failures don't depend upon one day or even one week, but a lifetime of making good and moderate choices. We cannot expect perfection, but we can strive for consistency.

Have a great week!

Ron said...

This isn't a race altho we wish it were and we wish we could win and then it would be over. I really do try and live by my motto which I post all the time and that is to try and make the healthy choices, but I fail alot. But each day when I wake up, its a new day. I still think if we keep trying to make those healthy choices, we will come out ahead. Keep making those healthy choices!!!!

sarah said...

Today is a new day and you can do it! Welcome back!

Tony the Pink Panda said...

What happened to your two new posts? Counting calories is good as long as it doesn't become obsessive. Good luck with it.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask what program you are using in this post? Looks interesting and I love to try out new tools. You lool great, it will all come together. Stay positive!

tess said...

Man, we all have our crack.

Mine is avacados and anything with a higher than average sodium content.

I like your blog!

Miz said...

hows the going to bed early thing working out?
I try and try but usually its 10ish before I can get there.