Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maybe I'm gay?

Well, maybe I'm not but apparently my taste in music is gay. I don't go to a lot of concerts, but the last three in the last couple of years, Cher, Abba Re-Bjorn and now P!NK, all have huge gay followings. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, in fact, makes things interesting.

The P!NK concert was fantastic! I give it an A+++++. The concert was sold out, with over 16,000 people attending. They originally had it at a smaller venue but moved it ten days before the concert because so many people wanted to attend and couldn't get tickets.

P!NK rocked it, and I mean rocked it. I had read a review of her Funhouse tour in Europe and Australia (same tour here), that if you liked her before the concert you'd walk out afterwards loving her. That's what happened to my husband. He was kind of lukewarm about her, even though I loved her. After the concert, he loved her and I loved her even more.

There's just something about her, not only is she a really good singer with an incredible voice, singing great songs and a great performer, but she's funny, nice yet spunky. You just can't help but like her.

The audience was extremely enthusiastic. We stood up for most of it and danced to the music. Everyone was standing up.

The crowd was very interesting. A lot of gay women and gay men. In front of us were two beautiful women, who were making out during the concert, in between songs. They were very attentive to each other and so pretty, it was, well, interesting? Certainly not boring.

Next to me were two women who talked to my husband while I went to get us drinks. The one woman told him that she and her partner heard P!NK was in Seattle and bought tickets that day and flew in from being on vacation.

A lot of gay guys too, some dressed up as girls. One guy cracked me up. I wish I had taken a picture of him. He had a big red beard, and was wearing a short, little plaid dress, a strange hat with a feather in it, knee high plaid socks and really tall platform shoes. Everything was in shades of pink.

The opening act, the Ting Tings, was awesome too. My husband had never heard them before and he even said he really liked them. I have their songs on my iPod for working out. They're alternative rock and really fun. I loved them.

It was a really fun concert. It's a must see.


Helen said...

Oh goodness, this made me laugh right out loud: "Maybe I'm gay"

big_mummy said...

totally. jealous.

Karen said...

Haha I get made fun of for my taste in music last 3 concerts were Madonna, Spice Girls, and Britney Spears!

bbubblyb said...

I'm envious too. Glad you and hubby had such a nice time.

antgirl said...

The Ting Tings. What a great opening act! Sounds like a fun time.

Ida said...

You might be a little quirky in your taste in music, but definitely not gay! Sounds like the audience was as entertaining as Pink!

AnaVera said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ting Tangs and Pink!!! I don't think they're quirky at all LOL. Did you see Pink in the VMA's? Her performance was outstanding - she was singing "Sober" while she was suspended/upside down in the air - that's just how awesome she is! That, plus she's got such a cute body. It's not so little itty bitty. She's in shape and thick, not rocking all the fakeness like so many others in the spotlight. Great workout music for sure. I'm jealous!