Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still hanging on...just barely

I'm still in San Francisco. Not a whole lot to say tonight. I'm very tired, frustrated, not exactly happy. More tired than unhappy though, so I guess that's a good thing.

Eating isn't perfect. I'm missing meals then eating too much when I do get to eat. I worked out Monday and Tuesday, but overslept today. Tomorrow I'll go to the hotel gym.

I still want to go home. Maybe tomorrow.


Lia said...

Traveling away from home can be so hard! You'll be home before you know it!

big_mummy said...

i guess you are doing what you can for working away from home, it must be really hard being out of your routine.

Roxie said...

Hang in there, Diana. Do the best that you can do and forgive yourself the rest. This is obviously very difficult for you. I know what havoc stress causes in me. Wishing for you a fabulous Thursday.

Joanne said...

Hi Diana - sorry to hear you aren't happy at this moment but you know that will change. As I mentioned in my first comment I am just starting this journey (yet again). I have been "on plan" for a month and leave this Sunday for vacation - I am quite worried but hoping to do the best I can.