Thursday, October 1, 2009

Remembering to smile

Okay, I need an attitude adjustment. I just got up, checked email, wrote a status email for work, then read my last two posts.

I need to get over myself, and for God's sakes, stop writing posts at the end of the day!

Things are a little tough, but seriously, I like the pressure. I'm the project manager on this particular project. If things go well, I look good, if things go bad, I don't look so good. It's been an absolute roller coaster since we got here. One moment, things are going fabulous, the next thing I know it's all going to hell in a hand basket.

The truth, it's interesting, challenging, it makes my brain hurt, it stresses me, but makes me have a feeling of great accomplishment. It hasn't made me cry, not yet. It's a good job, and a great opportunity. In reality, I'm pretty lucky at 54 to have been given a chance at a totally new career path.

So in spite of all my whining and belly aching, it's not a bad gig I have here.

My goal today is to pay more attention to what I'm eating and make sure I make healthy choices. I've been eating fairly healthy until last night. I had pizza and ice cream for dinner, room service. I just didn't care. I care this morning.

I'm going down to the hotel gym in about an hour, before I head to the airport for what I hope is our last day, flying home tonight. We're checking out of the hotel again (like we did yesterday morning and had to recheck in last night). We have high hopes that today will go well.

I just need to remember to smile, laugh and roll with the punches.


Deniz said...

Go for it, girl! Don't let the, er, 'bar stewards' grind you down.

It's always hardest when you are in the spotlight and especially so when you are not on home territory. Keep your focus on those positives you mentioned and your 'attitude adjustment' will follow. Sounds to me like you are doing better than you think - aren't we always our own worst critics?

F. McButter Pants said...

I thought you left a very insightful comment on Roxie post. I wonder what I could have done with my life if I wasn't worrying about how fat I was all the time. Seriously!

Sounds like your doing great. Being the leader is stressful for sure. Sounds like you know the drill.

good luck, hoping today is better

bbubblyb said...

Hope you get to go home tonight and that you have a good day.

Helen said...

It's hard when you're the person where the buck stops Diana, no doubt about it. I'm glad that even though you had an I don't care moment, that you care today. You're totally worth caring for.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Learning to roll with the punches is a huge asset to getting through a stress-filled day. Good luck acquiring that skill.

Lia said...

Good mentality about it!

Anonymous said...

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DownsizingDoc said...

Just read your post about the bad time in your life. Very Very Powerful. I too was involved (married) to an alcoholic. I was very blessed to not be physically abused. I'd say that little scar is a badge of honor. Which ties into today's post......keep smilin'

antgirl said...

Hope you are home.

Sounds like you really like your job. That's a great thing. Not many folks say that or feel that.