Monday, November 2, 2009

In your life how efficient is your energy?

Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul by Deepak Chopra

In your life how efficient is your energy? Quiz on pg. 48.

My score: 17

17-25 points. Your life is barely your own because so much is out of your control. Daily life is a struggle just to keep things together, and most days you feel that you are losing the fight. On the periphery something very wrong is probably happening. You are being held back either psychologically or by bad circumstances. To get back on track, outside professional help will be needed.



Lia said...

hmmmm, that's interesting. Well, it is a standardized test...take it and think about it. Those quizes are just suggestions that may or may not match you. I've read Deepak Chopra before....what book was it, Seat of the Soul I think? I like the top picture by the way. And really, I wouldn't take the quiz advice to seriously, just use it to be aware of potential improvement, which I think you already are.

bbubblyb said...

Well you know I'm all for therapy. I do think it can really help, it has been a blessing for me. Loved the pictures.

Ron said...

cool pics

Ida said...

Eh? Don't put a lot of stock in tests such as these. There are too many variables that can't be taken into consideration on standardized tests. Besides, a 17 is mighty close to a 16, and you could have been having a bad moment when you answered the question that cost you that one point, or maybe it came from one of those questions that you were unsure of how to answer. Just use it as a guide, nothing more.