Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post Thanksgiving update

Alaskan Snow Puppies (my sister's two Bichon Frises)

View from the road my sister lives on - the Tanana River near North Pole, Alaska (at 3pm)

Tanana River

I'm back home. I had a really good week with my sister and her family, and my brother. A lot of visiting, remembering the good times with my brother-in-law. A few tears, but more laughter than tears. Although leaving was really hard it was wonderful to sleep in my own bed last night. I'm glad to be home.

I weighed on my home scales this morning. I'm up .6 pounds. That's slightly over 1/2 pound. Instead of beating myself up for not losing weight, which was my goal, I'm actually kind of happy it's only 6/10ths of a pound. It could have been so much worse.

I worked out on the treadmill and with the weights for at least an hour five of the eight days I was in Fairbanks, and went for a two hour walk on the last day (it was 30 degrees - spring time weather!). I ate healthy every day until after dinner. Then the cookie, candy and ice cream monster took control, and I made some really poor choices.

Unfortunately for me, all the treats on hand for the grandkids are all my favorite things. Ranger cookies, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies with frosting, cranberry cookies with oatmeal and white chocolate chips, every kind of candy imaginable, as well as several flavors of ice cream (we're talking about at least six 1/2 gallons of different flavors). Also, the pièce de résistance is my sister's homemade whole wheat bread. It's healthy, but eaten in large quantities with butter, it's not so healthy.

Where does this put me in my plan to get to my goal of 135? Obviously I'm not on plan at all since my plan was to get to goal by the end of the year. Today it's back to counting Points and back to the gym. Even though my weight has been going the wrong direction, I'm not giving up, and I'm not beating myself up. I feel more determined than ever to get back on track.



Ida said...

Two thumbs up for not beating yourself up over the .6 lb. gain. Yes, it was a gain, but such a small one. Getting back on track and 'starting' over is our way of life any more, dear. And, yes, it is always good to get back home.

Deb said...

Aw...the snowpuppies are so cute with their little booties on.

Kudos for you for maintaining perspective abotu your .6 gain.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Good lord that's some beautiful country! Glad to see you're getting back on the ball Di, we're all here with you!

spunkysuzi said...

Beautiful pictures. And cute poochies :)

Good for you on not freaking out, life happens!

MizFit said...

such BEAUTIFUL pics, Diana.
and you know what I think :) life is about the long haul and the marathon of it all.
point six shall disappear when ROUTINE reappears.

SO PROUD of you for not flipping out.


Deniz said...

Lovely photos and a lovely positive post. You'll get back on track and will see the difference in those scales really soon - I feel it in my bones. Hugs from the UK

Helen said...

Welcome back. Glad your visit with the family was good. Those are some beautiful photos but I still don't want to go there ;-)

antgirl said...

Pshaw! That's barely a gain. It will be gone by tomorrow most likely. Why? Because you are always so determined.

Beautiful pictures. Awww, the puppies are sweet.

I'm glad you had a good time and even more glad that you're not punishing yourself for enjoying your life.

Paula Rodriguez said...

Your pictures are just awesome. The colors of the sky against the white snow is just beautiful.

Not to worry about the gain. It's only .6 ounces. That shoudl come off easily.