Day 2 continued: Paying for my sins

For most of the day I sat around in my pajamas curled up next to the fireplace, reading magazines, and watching several episodes of Snapped while cuddling my cat. Plus listening to my husband hack and cough and complain as he's recovering from the flu. It was basically a pretty good day. I felt relaxed and warm and comfortable. Happy to be at home.

At 4pm I forced myself to get dressed for the gym. It was utter torture working out today. The extra weight has made my workouts painful. My left knee hurts, my left heel hurts. My lungs were screaming at me while I was on the StairMaster for thirty minutes and then the elliptical for another thirty. My arms are still achy and sore from yesterday's workout, and I could barely left them above my head to pull on my workout shirt.

This is my penance for having eaten like a pig, not exercised on a regular basis, and gaining 22 pounds in the last few months. Today's workout was painful. Looking back, the last few months really weren't worth it. It wasn't that fun to eat what I wanted, or to skip my workouts. If I had it to do over, I would have done it differently. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


Stop looking back and start looking forward, you'll get through this!
Jenny said…
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Jenny S said…
I can't believe that you can do 30 minutes on a stair master and then another 30 on an elliptical! WHO CARES if it was hard... many people could NOT get through that workout! Wow! I care not what you say... you're one tough lady.... machine as I like to call you.
Deniz said…
Hmmm, hindsight. What a shame we have to see things with it sometimes. Anyway, that was then, this is now and you sound like you are doing great!

Ever ache, wince and groan isn't penance though. They are all telling you that you are back on track. Those extra lbs don't stand a chance. Go for it, girl!
Miz said…
BUT :) I have to jump in and say in a way experiencing what you have the past few months are what has helped me keep my weight off!

All I needed to do when I was tempted to toss in the proverbial towel in a big bad way was REFLECT on how horrible I felt during my, err, hiatus and it kept me on track!

think of the whole thing as a gift to the future Diana.

What a Splurge said…
The extra pounds are going to drop like crazy at that pace. Congratulations for turning it all around!
Helen said…
I'm just catching up and I'm amazed at how similar our situations are. I could be your east coast sister :-)

In Feburary of 2008 I too was in the 150's. Over the course of the year I started gaining and by the end of the year I weighed 177. This year I've been bouncing up and down 5 lbs. because I haven't been willing to control the food and I absolutely have to do that with my funky thyroid.

I just stated in my blog on Friday that my goal is to lose 20+ lbs. And I agree with Carla that the only way I can keep myself going at this point is to reflect on how horrible and fuzzy I feel when I'm not doing the right things.

Come on Diana - let's make 2010 our year!!
Roxie said…
What's done is done. Lessons learned. Time to move forward in doing the good-for-you things and leave the not-so-good behind.
It takes so long to get your wind and it takes absolutely no time to lose it. Here's hoping you have the will to stick with it and get strong again.
Diana, you are a strong woman. With that being said, 30 minutes on the stairmaster is absolute hell. Weight loss is a bitch, but don't let it get you down!
antgirl said…
I agree, it is a gift to your future. You rock. You're a warrior. I've no doubt you'll get it all back and then some.

Is is hella cold there? It is here. Brrrr.

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