Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Days 3 & 4: Still among the living

Someday I'll learn to listen to my body. On Sunday, I was wiped out all day, barely able to get dressed and get to the gym by 5pm. It was cold out, 32 degrees and my throat was sore. I just thought I was being a lazy, sloth-like person and forced myself to go to the gym.

The workout hurt like heck. I was sweating, but that was before I even started the workout! I felt clammy and chilled to the bone. My breathing was difficult and labored. I couldn't understand how I'd gotten so out of shape in such a short time.

Well guess what? I have a cold (or maybe it's the flu, I'm never sure). I've been flat on my back for two days, waking up and not knowing if it was a.m. or p.m. My body aches and my mind has been in a fog. I've been coughing up gross, nasty junk from my infected lungs. Tonight is the first time I ventured into the kitchen looking for food.

I'm going to work tomorrow since I have to get things ready for my Edmonton trip next week, and I'm actually feeling a little bit better. It's my last trip on this project. Hallelujah! I can't wait to have my normal life back.


Graciela said...

I hope you're feeling better! Be sure to take it easy on yourself until you're sure you're completely healed. No relapses allowed. :)

Miz said...

***feel better***
take life as slow and as gentle as you can this week.

Sweety On A Diet said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Rather take things slowly and listen to your body!

Helen said...

Feel better soon! I have a tendency to ignore getting sick as well and here I am a month later finally recovering from whatever it was I had. Rest and chicken soup is what you need.

Deniz said...

Look after yourself and get well soon. Plenty of zen vitamin C is heading your way!

Deniz said...

BTW: that's 'zen' as in Anne McCaffrey's "Zen hugs"
That is "the hugs that you would get, if we were there, if we could hug you, but we aren't, and we can't"
Works just as well for vitamin C :-)

Ida said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I wouldn't mess around with this flu stuff this year, it can be deadly. Take care, and go to the dr if you aren't better in a couple of days.

bbubblyb said...

Sorry you're sick hope you feel better soon. Yeah!!! on it being your last trip.