A fat rant

by Joy Nash


missed you on monday, hope you had a good trip
Anonymous said…
Thanks SOOOO much for posting this! Joy Nash, the Voice of Reason. I'm a firm believer in 'health at every size', and think if we could all just focus on HEALTH (nutritious food, clean living, exercise, healthful choices) instead of simply crunching numbers (the scale/calories/'points') and obsessing about what's reflected back in the mirror all the time, we'd all be a lot better for it.....
Ella Enchanted said…
What an empowering video!!!
100togo said…
this is excellence embodied. Amen,sister! I would like to share this with everyone I know!
Graciela said…
I loved this...thank you for posting it.

Everything she said is so true. I have spent so much of my life waiting until I was the "perfect" weight to live my life. What a waste. Now I'm learning to be happy with who I am. It's very freeing.

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