Saturday, December 26, 2009

A new beginning

Christmas. Food. Lots and lots of food. After the last two Christmases of being a really good little Weight Watcher, yesterday I made the attempt but finally said to hell with it. The Weight Watcher recipes I made turned out disastrous.

The Weight Watcher stuffing recipe, the Smashed Buttermilk Potatoes from their Thanksgiving magazine issue, and the 3-Point pumpkin pie all tasted really terrible. The stuffing was dry, the potatoes, well, turns out I hate buttermilk, and the pie, I messed up and accidentally doubled the sugar. It wasn't even edible.

So I dug into the real stuffing that was full of butter (I know, because I made it) and the real mashed potatoes with again, lots of butter. Because doesn't lots of butter equal lots of love?

I also drank too many Pomegranate martinis. Actually, they were mostly juice. I love Pomegranate juice but it's very high calorie so it wasn't much of a trade off to have mostly juice instead of vodka.

Oh, and the pumpkin pie from Costco. It's ginormous so I'm sure a piece isn't 8 Points like a normal pie. Probably more like 16Points. Bad. All very, very bad.

A strange thing happened yesterday morning, my brand new scales stopped working. I stepped on them and nothing. These were my second new scales in about three months. They both stopped working for no apparent reason. A new battery didn't help either. On my list of things to do today is buy new scales so I can weigh in before the new year.

I started off today reading several posts by other bloggers. I was surprised by how many people said they ate poorly yesterday but they'd get back on program after the first of the year. What???

That sort of surprised me. My intent was to get back on program TODAY. After reading about other people waiting to start after January 1st, I thought, well, maybe that's not a bad idea. I have all this great food in the house, how am I going to resist it. Why not just give in and eat what I want for a whole week?

Then I read Jack's post, and I came to my senses. That was crazy thinking, eat what I want for a week?! It's like I went temporarily insane. I was 175.4 on Christmas Eve day. I probably gained a couple pounds yesterday, and if I continue to eat like yesterday for a whole week I could easily pack on another five pounds.

No worries. It's not going to happen. The gym opens at 8am, and I'm going to be there. I'm getting dressed as soon as I finish this post. After my workout I'll stop by the store and buy another new scale so I can weigh in today.


Paula Rodriguez said...

Yes, I jumped on the computer around 5:30 am and was going to keep on eating through the new year. That's stinkin thinkin. I read Jack's post before coming to your blog and so glad I did. I'm back in the saddle. Two days is not going to turn into 3 weeks.

Great post Diana.

Ron said...

Ron kinda over did it the past couple of days, but he is back on track today.... good for you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tricia said...

Its always best to start TODAY.

Tony the Pink Panda said...

Yeah, I'm not waiting till the new years to get back on track. It starts now.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Great attitude Diana!

Helen said...

Add me to those who didn't do great. Believe it or not, I held up through 2 of the 3 Christmas gatherings. It was the hubby's family gathering where I just lost it. I still don't know why I did that. So dumb. Good luck finding a scale that lasts! Did you check to see if your "new" scale is under warranty?