Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Just pictures I took today. I take tons of pictures, pretty much every day of my life.

This one is the trail that runs in front of my hotel along the water. I went for a walk here today. It looks a lot prettier in the picture than it did in person. The water is terribly polluted, full of garbage. Plastic bags, potato chip bags, even condoms were floating in the water. The grossest thing I've ever seen. Of course I'm only four miles from the airport, always a notoriously bad area of any city.

This was a picture I took from inside the Oakland Airport terminal. They have a great view.

More pictures from in front of the hotel, on the paved trail.

Pigeon picture. :)

The pier in front of the hotel here in Oakland is the San Antonio fishing pier. Guys were fishing off this pier. I'd never eat anything caught in this water. Too gross! And don't they know San Antonio is in Texas?

Cool artwork in the Oakland terminal, painted on the windows. Not in our terminal, but in our arch enemy's terminal (that other airline who shall remain nameless).

A view of my hotel from the pier.

How on earth did I stay in my room for a whole night, look out the "window" this morning, and not realize it was a sliding glass door with a balcony? The view from my room, that I discovered tonight.

I'm not going to talk about my day. It was just another day in my life. Difficult. Exhausting. The same old same old. Nothing new.


Helen said...

Even though the water, etc. is gross, it's nice that the trail is there. So much nicer to walk outside in decent weather than trudge it out on a hotel treadmill! Hope today is better for you.

Krista said...

Beautiful pics!

Try and keep positive~~make it a good one!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Amazing pics!

spunkysuzi said...

Gorgeous pic's!!

theantijared said...

Tell MC Hammer I said hello

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Nice pics.

thenewu2u said...

wonderful photos , running along side it is a good look yet swimming in it yuck!@..lollll...nice blog stay motivated

Katie J said...

I love Lake Merritt but it is pretty gross.

Oakland is scary though. Please be very careful and do not go out at night if you can help it.

Ron said...

Looks like you had nothing to talk about... about your day... looks like all you did was take pictures :)

The title of this post is a joke, there's no new me. It's just the same old me, doing the same old stuff. Just for fun, I went back...