Saturday, December 12, 2009

So much to do, so little time

I have a lot of stuff to do today to get ready for our trip to Edmonton tomorrow. I say "our" because my husband is accompanying me on my business trip for the very first time. It should be interesting. Hopefully we won't wind up in divorce court when we get home. He's never seen me in full work mode crazy on one of these trips. Sometimes it's not a pretty sight.

I spent the morning with hubby at the urgent care clinic. He's been sick for 12 days with flu, cough, and now a bad sinus infection. Funny thing, I almost gave him my antibiotics last night. I went to the doctor yesterday for my cough syrup and the doctor insisted on giving me antibiotics even though I protested that I wasn't "that" sick.

I filled my prescriptions (including my codeine cough syrup, the nectar of the Gods), but I was determined not to take the antibiotics. Then I woke up this morning feeling sicker than I did when this all started and coughing up all kinds of nasty stuff.

Last night I read several articles on phlegm. Yes, I lead an exciting life, reading phlegm articles on a Friday night. The different colors mean different things. Yellowish-green means I'm fighting an infection. I decided maybe the doctor was right and I'm a little sicker than I originally thought, so I took my antibiotics. Hubby had to get his own medicine, thus the urgent care clinic.

While I was at the clinicI read a 2008 Good Housekeeping and came across an interesting article. Let Your Heart Break by Geneen Roth. A must read for those of us living under the illusion life will be grand when we're skinny.

After the clinic we went out to eat. My husband was starving so he wanted to go to the Blackbear Diner. This place serves massive servings of really good comfort food. It's usually torture for me, but I had eaten a Luna bar while at the clinic and a ton of water. I wasn't really even hungry, which is so odd for me (more proof I must be sick).

Here's what my husband ordered, the Southern Scrambler, 1130 calories and 71 grams of fat! It was a concoction of giant biscuits, two eggs, two big sausage patties and smothered in gravy. Honestly, it didn't even appeal to me.

Here's what I had, on the "Light" menu. They didn't have the calories for it on their website, my guesstimate is maybe 350. I ate most of the chicken breast which was prepared without oil, but left a couple ounces on my plate. A little of the cottage cheese, about 1/4 cup, and all of the fruit, with black coffee for my beverage.

Well, I'm off to do the zillion things I need to do before we leave tomorrow morning. Among those things is the gym even though I'm not feeling very Superwomanish today. :)


Paula Rodriguez said...

I'm impressed. You chose the lighter meal rather than a heavy calorie ladden meal like your husband. I agree... just knowing the calorie content is a real turn-off. Except when it comes to pizza. My weakness.

Interesting article clippings.

Eric said...

Fantastic blog, and congratulations on the weight lost so far.

I love that top in your after photo.

I just made the first post to my new blog. My before pictures are quite horrendous (you've been warned).

I've eaten meals that would make that dish your husband ordered look like a pile of celery.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Hey Diana! I don't know if you got my text, I'm without computer but hopefully it will be back up and running today. Please please call as soon as possible, can't wait to meet you!

Tony the Pink Panda said...

I love sausage biscuits; they are divine! Good decision making there Diana.

Helen said...

We could go out to eat with you as it looks like our husbands eat the same stuff - lol!