Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kelly - Pounds for the Prom

There's a new blogger I started following recently. Her name is Kelly and her blog is Pounds for the Prom.

Kelly started her journey December 1, 2009, and she's on the Weight Watchers plan. From the title of her blog you've probably already guessed, she's still in high school and living at home. Some of her problems with losing weight are unique to her age and living situation, yet some of them are exactly the same as the rest of us.

Stop by her blog and say hello. Just like the rest of us, Kelly needs all the encouragement she can get. :)

I'll post later today with my official Weight Watcher weighin. The first for 2010.


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

On my way to visit Kelly's blog!

Margo said...

Wow-that is a great one! I felt like I was back in high school going through all that again, what a cool girl Kelly is. Thanks so much for the recommendation-guess I'm following another blog!

Ida said...

Will drop by and say 'howdy'.

Kelly! said...

OH MY GOSHHHH diana!!! You didn't have to do this! I was so confused a couple people were telling me they heard from you...this truley made my day, no my life! and I dropped by to tell you i remember 3-5-7 too and hated that store! But wow thank you so much for doing this. It means so so much to me <3

Natalia said...

Will do!