Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For me, really?!

I love Amber. She's sweet, kind, supportive and has a really quirky sense of humor that makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis. I consider her one of my best blogger friends.

So why did she do this to me? Award me the Beautiful Blogger award. I kind of don't like awards, because they make me feel like a dork. I don't feel good enough or smart enough or interesting enough to get an award. I don't feel worthy.

That's why I usually pretend I don't see them when someone gives me one. I know, that's kind of rude of me. I mean, someone thinks they're doing a nice thing, then I ignore it. So in my efforts to be a nicer person this year, I'm accepting this award from Amber. Thank you Amber. I think you're a beautiful blogger too!

Of course, there's always a condition with these awards. Something you have to do, in this case, I'm suppose to tell seven things about myself. That right there almost caused me to ignore this award. I read Amber's list and thought Dang! She's so fascinating and interesting. What am I going to say about myself that anyone would ever want to read? I pretty much spill my guts on here on a daily basis. There's really not much you don't already know about me.

So I'm doing something different. Instead of seven boring facts about me, how about what I've learned about losing weight (and of lot of it I learned this last week...believe it or not).

1. Buying a weight loss self-help book isn't going to help me lose weight. Buying a weight loss self-help book and just reading it isn't going to help me lose weight. Buying a weight loss self-help book, reading it, studying it and actually doing what they suggest will help me lose weight.

2. It's not necessary to work out two hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, it's a little insane. I can work out five days a week, one hour a day and still lose weight.

3. As a woman, I need to be careful when I lift weights. It really isn't necessary to lift two 25-pound dumbbells over my head 24 times (three sets of eight). I can and have hurt myself. On the other hand, lifting 5-pound dumbbells is a waste of time. Heavier is better, too heavy is bad.

4. The Weight Watcher Healthy Eating Guidelines will help me lose weight if I follow them. They won't help me lose weight if I just think about them and are afraid to "waste" Points on things like healthy oil and milk. I need to just "waste" the Points because it will help me lose weight.

5. I can say 'no' to myself. I can tell myself to shut up. I can tell myself to not think about certain things and redirect my thoughts. I can listen to myself and follow my own advice. (who knew?!)

6. I will not starve to death if I go to bed slightly hungry.

7. I will not gain weight if I eat a healthy low-Point snack at 11pm and then go to sleep. In fact, I will avert a binge and actually lose weight.

8. Attending Weight Watcher meetings is not optional. Tracking my food is not optional.

9. Food will give me only momentary satisfaction. Then I'll want more food and even more. It's just food. It isn't love or comfort or entertainment. It won't make me happy, except maybe for a brief moment...then it will make me sad. It won't solve any of the problems in my life.

10. I have to believe in myself, believe that I can lose weight permanently. No one can "fix" me except for me. It's my life, my body, my choice. I can't blame anyone else for the food I eat. No one is holding a gun to my head and making me eat. Ultimately, it really is all up to me.

Now for my chosen 7 (I actually could have come up with 70---I read a lot of blogs and love them all!).

1. Tony the Pink Panda
2. Dawn
3. Kelly!
4. Mary
5. Roxie
6. Helen
7. Ida
8. Sarah
9. Ron
10. Graciela

I know, there are more than seven. If I had the time, there would be even more.


Ron said...

You deserve the award, if for nothing else then being honest. Looks like you have learned alot from your list..... the exercise thing.... I have always thought you were exercising way to much. Have a great day!

Helen said...

Thanks for thinking I'm a beautiful blogger. I think I needed to see this today - having one of those "mental" days, you know? So yes, to answer your question - you're on, let's race!

Roxie said...

Wow, thank you so much. I love your list! I hope things are still going along swimmingly for you!

Kelly! said...

hey diana!! I love your 10 facts i can relate to all of them! as for the list, thank you so much for thinking of me!!! but, i have no idea what this is! haha now what do i do! thank you i feel honored!!

Sandra said...

You deserve the reward Diana, don't ever doubt that.
How did you like Yoga last night?

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Diana you are MORE than worthy! I usually thank the fellow blogger and ignore the award as well. This one just felt different. I think we all need to be told we're "beautiful" every so often. And you TRULY are!!!

Margo said...

You totally deserve this award, your honesty is so inspiring. And your list was AWESOME. It really reinforced a lot of things I know but don't always accept, like meetings and tracking being mandatory. Thanks Diana!

Natalia said...

You deserve it!

Natalia said...

By the way, I nominated you for an award! Check out my blog. :)

antgirl said...

You are beautiful, supergirl. :) Maybe that's a goal for you this year, learn to appreciate compliments and internalize them.

Thank you! And, thanks for the rules reminder, again. Slipping on my afternoon snack rule was a disaster, too. Reinstating both has everything back where it was.

Ida said...

First of all Thank You for including me. I am flattered. But more than that, thank you for your list. I needed this today!

You ARE a beautiful blogger and I am proud to call you my friend.

bbubblyb said...

Great list Diana and thanks so much for thinking of me. Maybe I need to do the same thing and start a new year with doing the awards. I know I always enjoy reading about everyone else that does them. *hugs my friend*