Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend update

Another headache
I can't believe I haven't posted since Thursday morning. I guess I just wasn't in the blogging mood or something. Or maybe it was the headache from hell that took me down again.

Saturday is a blur. All I remember doing is going to Weight Watchers, weighing in, sitting through the meeting with an excruciating headache, then heading home and back to bed.

Nothing can stop these headaches when they come. Aspirin, Aleve, Tylenol doesn't phase them. All I can do is curl into a fetal position in a dark, quiet room and wait it out.

Today I was fine. The headache is gone, although there's a lingering feeling of tenderness behind my eyes. Like it could come back any minute.

I don't know what's up with these headaches, but I'm getting a little concerned. That was my third one in three weeks, and sometimes during the day I have a stabbing pain on the left side of my head that lasts for just a few minutes.

I have my annual physical in two weeks, and I'm going to ask my doctor about it. It's just the strangest thing. I rarely get headaches and when I do, nothing like these last three. They're literally debilitating.

The weigh-in
Okay, enough of the headache talk. About the weigh-in. Not exactly a stunning loss, but it's a loss:

Saturday 2/27/2010 Weigh-in

Last week's weight:  176.6

Current weight: 175.4

Week loss: -1.2

Total loss:  -63.8

My workout
Because of the headache from hell I skipped working out Saturday. I could barely stand up so working out was out of the question. However, I made up for it on Sunday.

The Big Book of Exercises by Women's Health says you're only suppose to do one exercise per body part per workout. I've never heard this before, but it makes sense.I usually try to do at least two exercises per body part. For example, I always do two bicep exercises back to back, two triceps, two shoulder, two deltoids, etc.

What I've noticed is that I don't do as well on the second exercise for the same body part. My form isn't as good and I struggle with the heavier weights.

It also suggests not doing the same exercise for each body part during the week, to mix it up. Even changing how you hold the dumbbells makes a difference in how you work the muscle group you're focusing on.

The book also says you should do 24 reps of an exercise. For example, three sets of 8, or as set of 12, 10, 8. They said more if you're up to it, but 24 was the optimum number. A a few more is okay if you're up to it, but three sets of 15, probably not a good idea (I've done that a lot). If you can do three sets of 15 then you're probably not using heavy enough weights.

One thing I've learned, every author of strength training has their own opinion of what's right. They all think their way is the right waym, but none of them are written in stone. You have to figure out what works best for you.

Here's the page from my exercise log for today. I planned out my workout before I got to the gym. It took me an hour and 45 minutes to complete this workout. It  was definitely one of my best workouts.

Tulips that I bought for myself. As long as I try the best I can with working out and trying to eat right during the week, I buy myself flowers on Saturday. I love tulips. They remind me of spring, my favorite season.

It was a full moon on Saturday night. I did ventured outside with the raging headache at about 8pm. Just to get some fresh air, hoping it would cure my headache. It didn't, but I did get to see this gorgeous full moon. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was spectacular.


Miz said...

so sorry about your head!
could it be stress-triggered?

xo xo,


Helen said...

Yay for the 1.2, Boooooo for the headaches. Hope you can figure out what is causing them. When I strength train I don't have patience for 3 sets of anything. I always do 2 sets and move on otherwise I'll quit. I quit easy with ST anyway. I agree that each person seems to have their own take and the trick - as with any exercise - is to figure out what works, or rather, what will make you work!

Kyle Gershman said...

I've been with migraine sufferers before so I'm very sorry for your discomfort.

You are back on track and very strong for going to your WW meeting with your headache.

Glad to see your new energy!

Debbie said...

Sorry about your headache, I have had a few of those myself. Keep up the good work with WW. I do WW online myself.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Love the pics, way to go on your workout lady!

Katie said...

Congrats on the loss!

Great idea buying yourself flowers--they're beautiful! Also, your workout log is great. Love the happy face!

antgirl said...

Allergies? Dry sinuses? Hope your head gets better.

I have read many different tips on the exercising /weights thing, too. I think you're right. We just have to figure out what works for us.

Those are gorgeous tulips. I buy fresh flowers for myself all the time. they make the house smell great.

The Gals on the Scale said...

I just happened upon your blog and love what you are doing. As a fellow Seattle-ite weight loss blogger, I think you are doing a bang up job. Your progress so far is inspiring! I like the tulips too -- hope your headaches get back... nothing ruins a good work out like a migraine.

Katie J said...

They sound like migraines. I wonder if they are food related. It will be good for you to mention it at the dr. visit.

P.S. I love getting flowers for myself - my bf got me some Saturday =) and I posted them on Sunday.

Ida said...

Migraine. I have those, not as often as I used to, and they are debilitating. Not fun at all. Yes, be sure to talk to your doc about it. There are a lot of things it could be, but sounds like a classic migraine to me.
We do seem to blog similar themes a lot of the time don't we. Great minds...:)

Ron said...

Congrats on the nice loss, sorry to hear about the headaches, hope your feeling better now!