Friday, February 5, 2010

The hard way is the easy way, the easy way is the hard way


1. without interest, vigor, or determination; listless; lethargic: a lackadaisical attempt.

That pretty much describes me this week in regards to trying to lose weight. It's been a weird week. For the first time in two years I completely lost interest in tracking my food, measuring everything I ate, weighing myself every day (something I've done almost every day for two years) or even reading blogs. I certainly had no interest in posting either. I was losing interest in everything. A dangerous thing for a girl like me.

I've still worked out every day, tried to watch what I ate, even when I ate out at a pizza place and an Italian restaurant this week, but my heart just wasn't into it.

Then I watched Oprah tonight. I rarely watch Oprah but I kind of like that Dr. Oz guy. He was on tonight talking about diabetes. Scared the holy crap out of me. If you didn't see it, you need to see it. Here's a link to a clip where Dr. Oz talks for a few minutes about diabetes, but Oprah show isn't online yet.

First they showed how diabetes works, what it does to you. Then Dr. Oz shows what too much sugar does to your insides. It's like shards of glass going through your body. He wasn't just talking about white table sugar, but carbs like white bread or processed foods that turned to sugar.

Dr. Oz interviewed a patient of his, a 40-year old woman with diabetes. She was on dialysis because her kidneys were destroyed and half of one leg had been amputated, as well as part of her foot on the other leg was amputated. You could she'd been a beautiful woman at one time, but she looked terrible. Much older than 40 and so very sick. It was absolutely horrifying.

I keep thinking, well, I'm not that fat. Techinically if I was to go by my highest acceptable weight according to Weight Watchers I'm "only" about 20 pounds overweight. I don't want to weigh 155, I want to weigh 135, but I play that stupid game with myself that 155 would be okay, and 175 isn't so bad.

Dr. Oz burst that bubble for me. He said measure your waist at the belly button. I always measure my waist at the smallest part, which is about three inches above my belly button, so it's 32 inches. I already knew that your waist should never be more than half of your height. I'm 5' 6" so my waist shouldn't be more than 33 inches. I thought I was okay, but at my belly button my waist is 40 inches! I'm high risk for diabetes! Yes, I'm just a little bit freaked out by this little fact. I can't remember how much it increased the odds of me getting diabetes, but it was huge.

This means it's time to get off my lazy butt and get serious again. It means the end of my lackadisical ways. Back to tracking, back to measuring and weighing and Weight Watcher meetings.

In high school my best friend's dad use to always say 'the hard way is the easy way, the easy way is the hard way'. It took me years to understand that, but basically it means if you do the hard work now, it'll be easier for you in the long run. If you take the easy way out now, it'll be hard for you in the long run.

Let's see...which would I choose, have my legs cut off or do all that other stuff to get healthy? I choose the hard way (which in the long run will be the easy way!)

p.s. - my girl Pink is on Oprah today, and I have today off work. Woohoo!


Deniz said...

Oh boy! This really hits home. My lovely hubby has diabetes and, although we thought it was pretty manageable (and well-managed), we just keep on discovering new ways it can f*** up your life. Feet, eyes, liver, kidneys are only the start. If there's a choice... DO NOT GO THERE!
Take the hard way every time.


Krista said...

I work at a rehab hospital and see a lot of health related complications from diabetes...scary stuff.

I know it gets overwhelming and you just want to give up, but deserve to be healthy and happy and only you have control over making that happen :)

Kyle Gershman said...

No matter what, our journeys can be boring and monotonous at times. It can be difficult it shake things up and keep it fresh. Also, it is easy to forget that getting healthy should be a me, me, me, thing and who doesn't enjoy doing stuff for themselves, right?

Anyway, since you've already done so wonderfully, if all you've had is a quiet week, you are going to spring into action with no problem.

Go get em'

Kristina said...

I choose the hard way too! I had never thought of sugar going through our bodies like shards of glass....but it def makes sense. Im 42 and my waist measurement is horrible. No one in my family has diabetes (no history either) and I certainly DONT want to be the first! Great Post!

Carrieheff said...

I thought the "Church ladies" were heart breaking. I hope they got it because they are on the verge of getting really sick.
It's scary to think that 86,000 people a year lose a limb (or part of one) to diabetes. Our country is in trouble if we don't do something.
I'm afraid to measure my waist. I guess I'm just as bad as those ladies because it will scare the sh*t out of me to see how big my waist it. Good for you for having the courage to look at where you are and realize you still have work to do!

Rettakat said...

I saw that show, too. And it lit a fire under me! Yikes!

I haven't had sugar or flour since March of 2009, and occasionally get that old "I miss this.. I miss that..." type longings. Well, this show scared it right out of me! Shards of glass going thru my body???!!!

I'm glad you are feeling more energized to get going again. Whatever it takes, right? And this show definitely kicked us in the rear!

antgirl said...

I have a good friend with diabetes. Lost her night vision and is in stage 5 renal failure. Crap! It is an eye opener, isn't it?

Hope your mojo comes back. Maybe it took a sun break. :)

Jaynie Martin said...

Hi Diane, have watched your link, Wednesday I attended the funeral of a friend with diabetes and although not directly the cause of her death it did hinder her recovery after a virus she got pneumonia, the diabetes had damaged her liver, (she was tee total never touched alcohol)she may have recovered but for the complications. She was over weight as am I and I'm currently finding it hard to combat it... seeing your link and losing Kath has given me a kick in the rear too, I was about to give up the fight, I'm soooo glad i came and read your blog xxx good luck with your own battle keep it up x

Katie J said...

Good post Diana. The more awareness there is the better! I am Type II and have had some of the complications of it but with my weight loss I have reduced insulin by 80% and my numbers are in the "normal" range now. I am looking forward to ditching the shots entirely and hoping to do that this year.

P.S. I imagine my diabetes is due to my being morbidly obese but since I am adopted I don't know if it runs in my family.

Foodie Girl said...

What a great quote! And you are totally right. This was a really good post. Thanks so much for sharing!

spunkysuzi said...

I don't watch tv but i do have to say that reading your post and all the comments really gave me extra incentive to stay on track today. Thanks

Graciela said...

We DVR Dr Oz every day and watch it together at night. He really has some amazing information. We just watched the one where Carnie Wilson was on...I felt so bad for her that she found out she is pre-diabetic.

My husband was pre-diabetic at one time so he changed his eating habits. He is still quite overweight, but we eat mostly healthy food and hardly any sugar, and his blood sugar is normal now. So you can be overweight but not pre-diabetic or diabetic. I really think diabetes is related to sugar addiction and not necessarily just being overweight.

The title of this post is a joke, there's no new me. It's just the same old me, doing the same old stuff. Just for fun, I went back...