Sunday, February 7, 2010

I know who the Saints are now

The Saints are only the greatest football team in America!

We made it home from the 5th Avenue Theater by half-time. Downtown Seattle to our house, about 24 miles, in less than 20 minutes. A record.

The last half of the game was amazing!

Speaking of football, we saw Blind Side on Saturday. I agreed to go to it because I'd messed up about the Super Bowl. Best movie ever! I'm usually not into football movies but this movie was really good.. It's a must-see. It's based on a true story which makes it even cooler. I cried a lot and laughed a lot, my requirements for a great movie. A++

My husband and I had an interesting conversation at brunch this morning (where I ordered scrambled egg whites with as little oil as possible, and sliced tomatoes). I told him I felt guilty about dinner Saturday night. I had a large piece of prime rib, a twice baked potato (with lots of cheese), Marsala mushrooms, roasted Brussels sprouts where I didn't even measure the olive oil, champagne and two pieces of cake. I didn't like the chocolate cake, but I loved the homemade buttercream frosting.

He didn't understand my guilt about eating food. He seriously didn't get what I was talking about. He told me why would you feel "guilty"? It's just food. I told him it was because it was so many calories and it made me feel bad that I just ate whatever I wanted and didn't even think about the calories and fat. It was the champagne that made me nuts...when I drink I lose all common sense.

Something he said really hit home with me. It's not anything I haven't heard before on other blogs or in comments, but when he said it, it made it finally made sense.

He said, "It's not like you eat like that every day. You always eat healthy. In fact, when is the last time you had prime rib or a piece of cake?"

I really can't remember the last time I had prime rib, maybe three or more years ago. The last time I had a piece of cake, a real piece of cake and not just a bite, was probably at least two years ago too. When I weighed 240 pounds.

Today I'm completely back on track with my eating, and I worked out an hour and a half at the gym. I didn't have any sugar cravings or cravings of any type today. The big dinner with the cake for dessert didn't send me down some path of food debauchery and gluttony. I'm not even interested in having more cake. I had it, it was good, but I'm over it.

Is this what normal people feel like? It's a new concept for me--to actually eat a meal I would consider "bad" and not deeply regret it and beat myself up about it. Like he said, it's just food. What is there to feel guilty about?


Helen said...

I agree with your husband. During my mania last week I actually thought that my head was going to explode if I had to think any more about food. I tried an experiment this weekend: do not say or think the words, "I can't eat that." Because really, food is only fuel. It isn't inherintly evil. The saying part was easy, the thinking not as easy. But I definitely can say that I enjoyed our dinner out with our friends on Saturday night much more than usual because of that approach. I do think this is what normal people are like when it comes to food. They enjoy it but it just doesn't matter so much to them.

Katie said...

I agree. 90/10. Eat good 90% of the time and relax for the other 10%! Happy Birthday to your husband!

Kristina said...

Nothing whatsoever to be guilty about. You dont eat like that normally and it was a special occasion...AND your back on track. Which is why its okay to eat like that now and KNOW its only occasional.....
Oh, and I have to say it: even though the Saints won....the COLTS are the BEST team ever! LOL

Anonymous said...

Diana, isn't it wonderful (and also weird) to feel normal about a meal like that? To know that you can get right back to your normal, healthier habits after a meal like that? In that past, that kind of meal would always be a "trigger" for me to spiral downwards. Now, it's just a meal, just a choice, and nothing more. Great job!

Linda said...

My DH has the same attitude about food. I wonder too if I will ever feel that way too. Wouldn't that be nice? To just eat and not worry?

Kelly! said...

Diana!!! this is amazing! this shows true progress of a LIFESYLE. i need to acquire this method. but also, the blind side is one of my favorite movies im glad you enjoyed it truly is so inspiring and adorable!

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