Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Settling for good enough

We all settle for things in our lives that are a little or a lot less than what we wanted or expected. If you've ever settled, it's something you've accepted as part of your life. You made the decision that it is "good enough".

That's what I've done with my weight. I've settled into this 176 range and accepted it as good enough.Yet it's a completely unacceptable weight for me. It's ridiculous that I've gained 20 pounds in the past six months. What's even more ridiculous is that I've tried to fool myself into thinking this it's okay. I use stupid logic with myself, telling myself that I'm a "little" overweight and that's okay. Most people are a little overweight.

Well, it is really isn't okay, and I'm ready to do something about it.

I complained yesterday about my exercise, that it was lackluster and boring. Last weekend I bought another strength training book. I cracked it open this morning and it's a really good book. I already own about ten strength training books, including NWLR4W (which I hate). This book is great because it's doing different variations of the same exercises I've been doing.

This morning I tried a couple new things. Bicep curls using a slanted board (much harder than my concentrated bicep curls). The other doing the lat pulldowns while on my knees. It's suppose to work the glutes in addition to the lats, and mine have been sore all day. Just small changes in old exercises made all the difference in the world. I highly recommend this book ($14.99 at Costco).

I bought new workout shoes on Monday, Asics Gels (GT-2150). I've had three pairs in the last three years and love them. These are a new, improved (and more expensive) model. I wore them Tuesday and wanted to amputate my feet after my workout. I tried them again this morning and they were like wearing pillows. I think I had the laces too tight on Tuesday (stupid me!).

I also made the decision this morning that if I really hate the treadmill (and I do!) I don't have to work it into my cardio routine during the week. I try to mix up my cardio, a couple days of the StairMaster (my favorite!), a day or two of the treadmill, the spinning cycle, crossramp and elliptical. On treadmill days I'm miserable.

The reason I hate the treadmill so much is that I can't jog anymore. I've never mentioned this because it makes me feel so old, but since I twisted my knee last year it's never been the same. Running is just out of the question. I can slowly jog (4.5 mph) for ten minutes then it starts to ache and hurt. I really don't like getting old, but this is a sure sign of becoming elderly. Bad knees. That damn treadmill rubs it in my face every time I get on it. The young twenty-somethings are running up a storm next to me. There I am, the old lady, walking (uphill, but it's still not as cool as running).

My decision this morning was to hell with the treadmill. I hate it, and I'm not doing it anymore. If I want to do the StairMaster seven days a week, then I'll do what makes me happy.

Now I'm back on track with the exercise, and I'm actually looking forward to trying some new lower body exercises tomorrow.

The next step is to figure out how to get back to tracking my food. I'm not settling for 176, that means I'm going to have to track my food. 176 is not good enough.

Pictures from my walk at lunch today...

This is so strange, but a lot of the flowering trees and bushes are blooming. It's still February. We've had snow in March in past years. I hope winter is really over, but like I said, it's February in Seattle (and sunny...a total freak of nature)!

View from the parking lot at my office, as I was leaving at 5:30pm. Just beyond the trees is the condemned trailer park, and to the right is the county detention center. It was still a pretty sunset.


Pamela said...

Diana, I'm so happy for you that it sounds like you've found your groove and are doing what's best for you and your body. I've been needing a good pair of shoes, so I might check out the ones you mentioned. And unfortunately, I've got a bad knee, too, so jogging is not my friend either! Thanks for the tip on the book, and your pictures are beautiful!

Miz said...

ahhh the treadmill
life is indeed way too short not to find cardio (and everything else :)) that we can at least enjoy a little!!

the food thing? can I help at all?

Patsy said...

The reason I hate the treadmill is because it's bloody boring! If you're doing something because you *have* to and not because you enjoy it, then you won't put anywhere near so much effort into it and it will fizzle out...

In my very humble opinion(!) I think that exercise if the real key to success... Very often, the exercise will make the endorphine kick in and get the eating back on track naturally. And if not, then at least you're keeping physically active and somewhat negating any damage unhealthy eating could be doing... Very often, the exercise goes out the window and then the eating goes bad, so they're intrinsically linked to a healthy lifestyle...

Katie said...

Diana, that's great that you're sticking with exercise that you ENJOY! That book sounds great... and there's nothing wrong with the stairmaster!!

Krista said...

I think the main thing right now is to find a workout you enjoy and do it, forcing yourself to do something that you don't enjoy is only going to piss you off and make you just want to throw in the towel.

Yes, getting older does suck. But instead of concentrating on the things you can't do, concentrate on the ones you can!


Linda said...

The flowers are so pretty! A nice reminder of spring!

And new shoes! I'm a shoe girl! I've been looking to replace my running shoes. I hope that helps me regain my momentum! That and some warmer weather!

Kristina said...

It seems we are all having trouble with our workouts lately.....or I should say, the motivation to do them. Im there.
You can do it, look at what you have done already......20 pounds is nothing! It sounds like you already have the mindset to do what needs to be done, good for you!
Love the pictures.....cant believe Seattle is blooming already. Im in southern TN and its still snow/ice.......looking forward to Spring

Kyle Gershman said...

I love your new'll get there!

I've been doing my lat pulldowns on my knees at the office gym otherwise the machine will "bottom out"...good to know that my modification was actually a better one.

Anonymous said...
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Helen said...

I view the treadmill as a necessary evil to keep my running up during the winter/ice/snow months. Otherwise I avoid it at all costs. One form of cardio is not better than another - unless it's better for YOU! Because you'll keep doing it :-) I don't see you as someone who has given up or quit - I see someone who just keeps trying. Not to worry, it will all come together again.

Mary Joy said...

So jealous to see the blooming trees!! Here in northern Wisconsin, it will be months before we see anything budding around here.

Your renewed attitude towards exercise is awesome!

antgirl said...

Wooot! On liberation from the treadmill. I've never touched one since I started this weight loss go. :) I only do what I like. Keeps me sane, ya know.

I admire you with the weights. That's the one component of my workouts I do not look forward to and I don't enjoy it. I know it's good for me, but I don't like it. Sometimes I give myself breaks from it, when I'm dreading workouts. Seems when I let the weights go, I'm more willing to get at it. Weird.

100togo said...

I totally agree that we need to learn the "good enough" concept .... and stop being perfectionists!

Beautiful flowers, too! Here, we are still very much engrossed in winter, thank you very much. There's at least a foot and a half of snow piled up in our North yard. You lucky girl!!!

Deb said...

The skies there are so blue. Why did I think it was always raining and grey in Washington? Clearly I am mistaken! Thanks for sharing your photos.