Monday, February 15, 2010

A Valentine owie

Valentine's Day from hell
Valentine's Day 2010 will go down as my worst day so far this year and probably my worst Valentine's day ever. I had some sort of allergic reaction and my right eyelid swelled up so it was almost shut. In addition, as soon as my eyelid started swelling, I started sneezing uncontrollably for about twelve hours.

I have no idea how what happened, but my eyelid felt like it had acid on it and it hurt like hell. Not to mention I looked like a one-eyed monster with a red nose. Yesterday wasn't my best day.

The only good thing that came out of this is how sweet my husband was about the whole thing. He was really concerned, and kept checking on me after I took a couple Benadryl and passed out at 3pm yesterday.

This morning when I woke, my eye was even more swollen. It wasn't just my eyelid, but the entire socket around my eye was swollen and puffy. Without me even asking him, my husband called the doctor and managed to get a 9:30am appointment for me to see an eye specialist.

He drove me there, waited for me, took me to the pharmacy, got my prescription filled and was a carring and concerned spouse. I really appreciated this because I wasn't in any condition to drive and I felt awful. The sneezing had turned into a sinus headache and my entire head hurt and felt like it was going to explode.

The doctor didn't have any idea what was wrong with me, just that I was allergic to something. He rolled back both of my eyelids to look at the underside (which by the way, hurt like heck). He said I had eyes prone to allergies, they were "cobble-stoned" on the underside of my lids. Nice to know but this has never happened to me before.

My prescription was a tiny tube of salve, 3.5 grams (about 1/8 ounce), and it was $126.00 without insurance. Luckily I have insurance so it was only $25. Highway robbery but I would have paid just about anything for it. It seems to be working and the swelling has gone down considerably and the sneezing has stopped.

I'm even thinking about going to the gym, or maybe a walk outside. The sun is shining and it's 47 degrees. I got a new camera for Valentine's Day that I'm dying to try out. It's a red Panasonic Lumix and very cool. It even has a "food" picture taking setting. I love it but haven't had a chance to play with it yet.

In spite of the eye thing yesterday and Valentine's Day being a bust, I'm in a really happy mood. Not being in pain is always a good thing. Having a caring and loving husband isn't too bad either.

Thank you

I don't say this often enough, but I really appreciate everyone out there in blog world. Your caring comments mean a lot to me. I haven't been commenting as much as usual on your blogs, because I was so self-absorbed in my own sadness and throwing myself a daily pity party I just didn't have the time nor felt very like I had anything worthy to say. Those days are past me now (thank God, and I mean that literally). I feel like I can be supportive and caring about other people again. Just like you always are for me. :)

Picture of the day
I'm thinking about adding a picture of the day since I'm so in love with my new camera. I'm copying this idea from a few people's blog. I love pictures and taking pictures.

In the picture below, the white and orange cat is my cat, Mickey Mouse, the only cat I've ever met that comes when he's called and loves me the best. The other cat is actually our neighbor's cat, Bear. My husband let's him in the house all the time because he's so cute and the neighbor recently decided to make him an outdoor cat and they won't let him in the house anymore.

My husband has a bad habit of bringing home strays. I told him Bear isn't a stray, but even I feel sorry for the little guy when he's standing out in the rain, hovering on our front port, dripping wet.

Mickey Mouse will sit and watch Bear for hours. He doesn't touch him or hiss at him, he just watches him very intently. I often wonder what Mickey is thinking when he's staring at Bear. Probably something like 'who the hell let you in here?' or 'one wrong move and you're history!' or 'remember, I'm numero uno around here and don't you forget it!'or 'ummm, excuse ME, but that's MY pillow you're touching, they're all MY pillows!'.

"I'm watching you"


clickmom said...

The eye thing sounds SCARY! Hopefully it is a one time thing. I have neighbors who have outside cats, which I don't understand at all since we live in a suburb where every lot is only about 1/2 an acre, and the other cats seem to prefer my yard to any other yard, and then my yard can end up smelling quite ripe each spring. But, as is often the case, the major offending cat got hit and killed by a car and I swear I was out of town at the time. You are very nice to take in your neighbor's cat, I would do the same if my dog was cat friendly. But then I'd never let the cats out to get run over, so technically I'd be stealing my neighbor's cats which would make me some kind of old crazy cat lady. But, you know, not going to happen. Hope you're feeling better!

Carrieheff said...

That picture is so funny!

I'm glad you are feeling better and blogging again. I missed you!

Ida said...

I am so sorry to hear about your allergic reaction. You better figure out what caused it, so it won't happen again! Love the cat picture.

Graciela said...

That sounds awful! I'm glad they were able to give you something for it, but I hope they can figure out what caused it.

Any chance you are allergic to the visiting kitty?

Rettakat said...

I'm so glad the eye attack was treatable! That sounds awful. So glad you are feeling better now. I like your pic of the day idea. Beautiful kitties!

Doreen Hall said...

I am lacking motivation. I will be adding your button to my blog this next week. I love that Monday will be my day that I can mentally get ready for. Thanks so much!!!

Patsy said...

Beautiful kitties! Sorry your eye was so bad over the weekend... Hope things improve very soon. :o)

Helen said...

My hubby gets a swollen eye or lip occasionally and we have never been able to figure out what is causing it. I hope you feel better and that the swelling has gone down.

lindalou said...

OMGosh, that picture is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

Pink Panda said...

Will always be reading Diana =). That's a funny picture.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Hope you're all better soon!!!

antgirl said...

Ooo! You are really allergic to something. What'd you eat that you usually don't? Make a list and try to figure it out. It's how I figured out my allergies.

I have food allergies, too. I always keep a bottle of zyrtec handy. Doesn't make me sleepy like benedryl. When the juniper starts blooming, the whole town starts sneezing and there ain't no zyrtec to be had. :D

Awww, Mickey and Bears are adorable.

Katie J said...

How scary! Glad hubs was there for you!

I have been having trouble viewing pics in blogger. Have you?

bbubblyb said...

I'm so sorry you had to suffer through all that stuff on Valentine's day but so glad hubby was so kind and helpful. I loved the cat picture made me smile, animals are so funny. I think it's sweet that you and hubby let the neighbor kitty in sometimes.

Deb said...

Poor Bear being put out by his owners when by the looks of things he is obviously a house cat. You guys are sweet to take him in and let him get comfy on your couch. :-)