Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby steps

It's 10:40pm Tuesday, and I've been really good today staying on my "skinnied down" version of Weight Watchers where I'm doing baby steps to get back on track.

I used the little Weight Watchers paper tracker today. I've never used one before, I've always posted my food online. The paper tracker has a space on the cover to write three things you commit to do this week.

This week I commit to:

1. Track Points and stay within Points limit ✔
2. Drink 64 ounces of water a day ✔
3. Vitamins ✔

I'm good on all three so far today. Since I'm going to bed in a few minutes, I think I made it through another Day 1.

I'm a bit puzzled by my lack of desire for sugar. I really have no craving for it, or for that matter, no craving to even binge. This is a polar opposite of how I usually feel after a big sugar binge like last night's brownies. Could it be possible that by indulging in what I consider bad food that it actually satisified some sort of demented craving I had for sugar? I'll probably never figure it out, but it's a pleasant surprise.

The only picture I took today was of the moon at 5:45am. This was in my front yard before I took off for the gym. It's just so perfect and pretty. A perfect little sliver of a moon.


Weighting Around said...

Great goals for the week. I find it so difficult to drink enough water. That will be my goal for this week too.

Thanks for the lovely moon photo. It is so peaceful looking.

Katie said...

Good job on another day one!

And that's a beautiful picture :)

Helen said...

Congrats on taking that first toddling step. The moon looked just like that on the east coast this morning!

Debbie said...

I liked your goals for this week. The picture of the moon was great. I am going to have to put some pics in and show everyone where I live. Keep up the good work.

Kerri & Katie said...

Great start! We all have many 'Day 1s' no worries!

Ron said...

One day at a time, Congrats!

Ella Enchanted said...

Great job, Diana!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments you have left on my blog. They are greatly appreciated.

Also, I am really enjoying your pictures with your new camera! I hope you are having a great week.

antgirl said...

Beautiful picture ... grrr blogger is giving me grief again.

Anyway, glad you had a successful day. Keep the blinders on. One at a time. :)

Lisa said...

The pic is beautiful just like you!

- Lisa

stephanie said...

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