Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let's not talk about it until it's over

Turns out I shouldn't post how my day went until the day is completely over. I didn't quite make it through last night without eating four of these (which started a little something):

Each of these things are tiny. I haven't had them in several months. I thought they were one Point each. I think I thought that when I use to eat them all the time (the picture is deceiving!). I ate four, and knew the fiber max would probably make four of them about six Points. Wrong! Each one is two Points and four are TEN Points. Then I had a couple pieces of bread and some leftover shrimp.

I threw the other eight bars into the garbage. I can't have these things in the house!

It wasn't a full-blown binge, but it was definitely quite a bit over my Points allowance. So much for my brownie theory.

Today was a new day and so far (it's 11pm), so good, but I'm not talking about it until tomorrow. At least I have the water down, and the vitamins.

I read an interesting article in the April 2010 Good Housekeeping magazine at the gym this morning (that's why my workout took two hours! I read for 15 minutes). It's an interview with Valerie Bertinelli. I read her first book and wasn't very impressed, but I really liked this interview. It's a good read with some good information on weight loss. It's not about Jenny Craig propaganda.

I walked at lunch (in addition to my gym workout) but because it's the same place I walk every day, nothing to post that was was new. Maybe tomorrow I'll walk around Angle Lake and get some new pictures.

Have a happy tomorrow!



Miz said...

ahhh thats the reason why I can NOT have vita muffin things in my house.
I eat em by the half dozen.

THanks for the heads up in the article.
I LOVE VB but notsomuch when she's just Jenny yammering.


Ron said...

I quit buying the weight watcher ice cream and the 'smart ones' desserts along time ago. Who knew you couldn't eat a box at a time?

Roxie said...

I cannot have anything like that in the house. Even after all these years, I'm incapable of moderation. I wish it were different, but I have to protect me from me.

You have a happy day, too!

Helen said...

Oh, me too. Had a great day Tuesday and completely lost it with some cheddar cheese rice cakes yesteray. And 2 Russell Stover chocolate covered marshmallow easter eggs. Aaaargh! Which generally puts me in the frame of mind that I've blown it so why bother anymore. I REFUSE TO KEEP THINKING THAT WAY!!! Want to join me?

Linda said...

I've found some of those WW foods are tiny and pack a bunch of points. I avoid most of them. Have you tried sugar-free fudgsicles? They are normal sized! 1 is 0 points(2 are 1 point-WW math-weird) I can usually stop at 1 but if I need 2 I don't feel bad about it.

Here's to a good day!

Deniz said...

I'm trying hard to make my usual 'treats' a bit of really, really nice fruit. It's still possible to overdo it (and I do!)... but probably easier than stopping at one teensy WW choccy-covered ice-lolly. BTW, they look no more than pencil thin from the picture on the box.

I'm getting more and more suspicious of anything pre-packaged which describes itself as 'diet friendly' in any way - if they are low-fat they are usually high sugar, if low calorie they're often stuffed full of junk I struggle to identify.

Good on you for binning the remaining ones :-) You are, as ever, an inspiration.

Debbie said...

Weight watchers ice cream does not come into my house. I will eat all of it until it is gone.
You are my hero for throwing the rest of them away.

antgirl said...

That seems to be the case with me and those crispy snap pea snack things.

I have decided to switch blogs. would love to keep in touch with you and see your progress. If so inclined, please join me at:

and I will add you onto my blog roll there.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi, I don't think I've ever been to your blog before. I am not a fan of "diet foods" or WW desserts desserts. They tend to be pretty processed and like you mentioned, they only have a small number of points so we feel like we can eat more. I applaud you for tossing the rest of the box.

BTW, you look absolutely fantastic! I can't believe you are over 50. Taking care of yourself is like finding the fountain of youth.

Katie said...

Man, those ice cream bars look GOOD. If they were in my house they wouldn't be safe!!

Great work stopping yourself & tossing the rest of the box! :)

Have a great weekend, Diana!

bbubblyb said...

Have you ever tried sugar free fudgesicles? Every other ice cream/freezer treat I want to eat by the box but the fudgesicles just 1 or 2 (40 calories each) is the perfect treat for me in the evening and doesn't make me want to more. Good for you for getting rid of the rest of the box. Sounds like you did ok. Yes I'm behind in my reading so starting where I left off lol.

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