Saturday, March 6, 2010

New blog - Health Foodie - a must read

If you haven't checked out Christina's new blog, Health Foodie, you have to go check it out now. It's totally amazing and a wonderful read. She's pretty amazing too. Read her "about" story, it's very interesting and just too sweet. Her husband leaves comments on her posts which are fun to read. They're a totally cute couple.

Last week
Again, not sure why I haven't posted since Wednesday, other than my week was unusually stressful at work. I had a couple presentations which always stresses me out big time. Add numerous other work problems and it was kind of a bad week at work, which of course, always bleeds over into my night eating problem. Not horrible, but not good either. I was up to 177.0 this morning...ugh!

I got in three good one-hour walks last week during my lunch hours. It's my new rule to get out of the office during lunch, if it's not raining. I can usually find someone to walk with me. Yesterday it was my 6' 2" coworker with super long legs which meant walking really fast. I kept stopping to take pictures so I could catch my breath.

It's strange that even though I work out a lot, five to six times a week for an hour to an hour and a half each time, a good walk up a steep hill wipes me out. There's definitely room for improvement in my physical capabilities. It could also be the twenty pounds I gained that's making it so difficult.

It's another gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest. Sunny and  a high of 60 today. We're getting ready to head up to Crystal Mountain to try out our new snowshoes we bought last spring. It's suppose to be mostly sunny and right now it's 35 degrees. Perfect snowshoeing weather. I should have some great pictures to post tomorrow. Hopefully get in some good cardio too.

Have a great weekend everyone. Eat healthy, get a little exercise and relax!

My post wouldn't be complete without pictures.

Candy in the lunch room right before I left for my walk. There's always something in our lunchroom, cookies, cake, leftover potluck stuff. Most of it doesn't tempt me, but this looked really good. I didn't touch it and it was all gone by the time I was back from my walk.

A dead tree covered in ivy.

A picture of Des Moines Creek that runs along the trail. The picture doesn't do it justice.

A miniature of the big trees. This little tree is always little and it's the only one I've seen like this. I'm not sure how they did it, but it's very cool and very pretty.

The flag that flies in front of the King County Detention Center, along my walk.


Kyle Gershman said...

Since the legs are among the largest muscle groups in the body and therefore have the highest oxygen demand when worked, it explains the extra exertion of your uphill walks. It is great what you are doing!

I stay away from our lunch room anymore...of course now that I'm telecommuting the only temptations would be if we bought temptations at the grocery store. We don't.

Roxie said...

Snowshoeing at Crystal sounds just wonderful! Have a great time....

Christina@Health Foodie said...

Wow, Diana! That is so sweet of you! This made my day! You won't believe my surprise when I saw my name in your title! Thank you so much!

Sorry about all the stress! As if there isn't enough stuff we have to worry about! Hope it all gets better soon.

- Christina